Playing Blackjack is fun because there’s a high chance of winning. But have you ever thought of how to play Blackjack outside of the casino? I suggest you follow along if you want to know how to play Blackjack online and in the right way. 

You don’t need to count cards if you play Blackjack, and even more, if you want to play it online, as you only require to have a good grasp of the basic strategy, and you are in-game to push your luck.

Playing Blackjack

Blackjack offers the lowest house edge of 0.5%. So rather than playing other complex card games, Blackjack is relatively easier to learn; you only need to master the ropes. Though, rules slightly vary, especially when you’re playing online. 

For example, while early surrender is not allowed in most casinos, a correct early surrender strategy can be permissible online. If you don’t understand this, don’t worry; you get to know as you read along. You must know that when you play Blackjack, the game is between you and the dealer, not others on the table. 

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Counting cards is equal to cheating.

Before you switch to expert mode in learning – how to play Blackjack, you must know the “Don’ts.” In Blackjack, counting cards is synonymous with cheating because it does not only greedily skew your house edge to minus two but also gives you an unfair advantage over others at the table. Don’t forget; you won’t be spared if found guilty. 

Most casinos usually have cameras in place to prevent this. You might be asked to leave or banned from visiting casinos if you are caught counting cards. Pretty sure you wouldn’t want that. So let’s jump into ways you can play Blackjack without counting cards.

How to Play Blackjack without Counting Cards

The basic strategy behind playing by the rules in Blackjack is as simple as it sounds – “Jack.” And it starts with the ABCs of Blackjack, which are;

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Split or Double down.  

Before play begins, you can opt to buy insurance in case the dealer has a blackjack or surrender if you lose. When you purchase insurance, and the dealer has a black, you still get your bet, but in the case of a surrender, you lose half. So you see why early surrender is not an option in casinos, but you can try that if you try to play Blackjack online.

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Everyone is given two cards from the standard 52-card deck – including the dealer. Cards only get reshuffled after all cards have been dealt. So to successfully get to the finish line with a win in Blackjack, you can call in more cards to be passed to you – Hit. If you must hit, try not to go over 21 or end with a bust and lose all your bet. You can pass on a deal, which is called a stand. 

It can be done before or after a hit. To split, you must have a pair of the same face value cards, after which they are treated as a separate hand with your initial bet. Doubling down in Black Jack is simply doubling on your bet, after which you must stand. 

In Blackjack, the game goes clockwise from the dealer, and before the dealer reveals his face-down card (second card) to decide the round, everyone must have chosen to hit or stand.

Technically, hitting a 21 without going over the dealer is a blackjack. You neither win nor lose when you and the dealer simultaneously hand in Blackjack, a process commonly known as ‘Push.’

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So these are the following available cards if you must know how to play Blackjack online and in the casinos. Cards from Two to Ten are worth the number on their face value, while cards with a face value or images like a Queen are worth ten. 

Lastly, Aces are worth one or eleven, depending on which is more advantageous to the hand. So you might want to be careful with how you use this card.


Now you know how to play Blackjack; it will be that easy in casinos and even easier if you learn to play it online. You should adopt any strategy of your choice and not count cards.

Counting cards is considered not only cheating in Blackjack but also a longer route if you must win. You end up doing dynamic mathematics rather than playing Blackjack. 

Remember, Blackjack offers the best odds of winning against the house, so you can optimize your winnings by taking advantage of the lowest probable house edge. 

Do well to check if it’s legal in your country or county before you start playing.