Gambling? If you hear this word, you might still think about rich men in suits standing in the casino hall in Las Vegas throwing the dice on the table. Or playing poker without moving any part of their faces the slightest bit, so no one could guess their cards. But modernity has changed this reality like so many others. The world is fastly evolving, being more and more digitalised. We have reached a point in which you do not have to be the richest anymore to play.

Neither do you have to travel to Vegas. Nowadays most hobby players, even professionals, sit comfortably on their sofa while giving their luck a chance and playing slots at serious casinos like NetBet. For some of us this world of digital gambling halls may be something awfully new. 

Many might want to start but doubt on how to even find the right place to get going. But don’t worry, curious friends. We summed up the most important facts on how to choose the right online casino. 

What are the things you have to keep in mind before choosing an online casino?

Number one question to think about like most times in life is: Your starting point. Who are you? In this case the important factors are: Where in the world do you live? Many countries have legal restrictions to certain types of analogue and even online gambling. Be sure that the country you live in allows online gambling. 

When it comes to winning, that’s when they will ask you two times. If your game was practically illegal, they wouldn’t give out your treasure. To make sure to get your winnings, the best thing is to ask the customer service specifically about the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to save your emails or screenshot your chat with the customer service to keep your evidence in case you’ll later need it.

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Adding to your location you might consider your language as a key factor. Even if your English is good enough to understand the terms and conditions, you might have a look and see, if you find a casino which is completely translated into your mother tongue so that all the games, the bonuses, offers and free spins are easily understandable even if you’re excited or tired one day.

Later it will be important to know if you’ll play at home on your home computer or on your phone on the bus. Mobile playing will surely increase your joy. If you want to learn more about this, read up here why people prefer to play at mobile casinos. 

Secondly you have to be sure to know how much you can and want to spend on your first games. Some casinos will let you play with just 5 $ while others could ask you to deposit more than 100 $ to unlock your account to the full offer of games. Sometimes the more costly casinos have better quality games, but surely this isn’t always the case. 

Most of us are searching for an experience of greatly developed games for a fair and small price to begin with. But even if money isn’t the problem, do you have all the different banking options? Check the options your casino gives you to be able to deposit money easily and without making ten accounts in different systems.

Move on to contemplate which games you wish to play. Are you a newcomer? Wanting to experience whatever it is? Trying many different kicks before falling in love with a few? Then look out for a gambling hall with a great variety of games. Play many of them before you decide which ones are most fun and with which ones you feel most happy. 

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Maybe in some you even feel the golden embrace of the lucky streak, how knows? To begin with here you can find 6 of the most popular games of 2022. Or maybe you are rather an experienced veteran? You know exactly what games you search for? Are you a blackjack bad boy? A poker professional? Or a spin specialist? Then you should search for the best place to offer your game, as many casinos specialize in certain games.

You already see lots of options now? Right them all down in a word document together with all the pros and cons that you have gathered so far to keep track.

What casinos are on the market?

Now when we are clear about our starting point and aim in this journey, there comes the trickier question. What casinos does the market offer? You must make sure the place you choose in the end is safe for you and your money. After all it’s your wealth that you will put in the pod.

Check the reputation of the casinos you have seen so far. Online you can easily find various online guides that help you to decide which are the safest places. For example, on certain websites you will find reliable reviews of online casinos. If people had bad experiences trying to get out their jackpots these guides won’t let you go there. New casinos often don’t even have reviews yet. As a starter stick to the old, trusted ones.

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A mean trick that some casinos try to play is to put a withdrawal limit that is too low. Worst case you could win lots of money and they will only pay you 1000 $ per month. That could mean you never get all your winnings. See that they will pay you fastly and surely.

All casinos if online or analogue need a license or a regulator to operate. Most will be based in some country and stick to that country’s rules. In case of trouble, they can be sued in this specific country or even internationally. But some do operate with regulators that aren’t easily accessible and you can simply not contact them like it is said of regulators based in Panama, Costa Rica or the Seychelles.

What promotions do casinos offer?

After understanding your starting situation and avoiding bad experiences, here comes the fun part:. All the good digital gambling hells offer bonuses, free spins and even starting capital to attract new players or keep old friends loyal. These bonuses are so good, there are even people making a living out of researching the best ones and literally going ‘bonus hunting’. 

But as you can imagine the casinos don’t really like that and include rules to exclude these hunters from their games, so don’t get tempted. Still there are lots of exciting bonuses to get when firstly registering to an online casino site. Simply have a look at all these casinos out there and develop a taste for the different offers and promotions.


To sum up, if you want to get familiar with the colorful world of online gambling just come and have a look. Be aware of your starting point and desires. Make sure you don’t get thieved of by mean tricks and ultimately let the bonuses catch you.