Playing slot machines alone does not allow you to earn money in the usual sense of the word. But you can count on income only from additional activities related to slots. You should not confuse earning with winning, which is completely random and cannot be relied upon. You might win a million today, and then be in the red for a long time. Or vice versa.

Why, then, do you want to make money on slot machines?

Making it your main livelihood from playing slot machines is a strange idea. First and foremost, it is entertainment. But entertainment, which can bring a little money. Earning exactly on a permanent basis will not work, if only because the casino is always laid advantage. At least 1% or even less, players are underpaid on their bets. That’s the way it should be, because that’s what best mobile casinos are all about.

However, there are some points that allow you to stay in the black and have, though not stable, but very real money on the slot machines. That’s how you should treat it — as an extra income when you have a good time. And then there are some unusual ways to make money from slots.

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Creating a slot machine and casino themed blog

Same casino affiliate programs, only this time you create a website or run a blog. There you can write about slot machines and make money from it. Slots is a very popular request, so it makes sense to run such blogs. However, you need to keep in mind that the competition in this area is very high. To get a decent income you will have to invest a lot of time, and even better money.

How to use bonus hunting to make money on slot machines

Special mention should be made of Bonus Hunting, but that’s not an option for everyone. You’d need a pretty substantial investment before you could declare a profit. Why is bonus hunting relevant specifically for making money on slot machines? Because, for the most part, casinos allow wagering bonuses when playing slots. If you bet on other games, your wagering will either stagnate or progress very slowly.

In order to make money from bonus hunting, you’ll just have to use the right formula to calculate whether or not the bonus offers are profitable. This part is no problem at all. The only problem is that you have to wait a long time and invest a lot, and you don’t know how much income you’ll be able to earn on average.

How streamers earn money from playing slot machines

Most casino streamers make money by spinning slots live on air. That’s slots, not roulette, or blackjack, or live casino. Therefore, it can be said that actually earning is realistic if you promote your channel, build up an audience and place referral links that subscribers can click on.

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Casino-streaming is a kind of investment, at least for those streamers who play for real money and not for virtual coins. You play as a regular player, but you promote the casino and deliver players there. And with them already earning money through an affiliate program. Also, you will first need to spin the channel and gain popularity, otherwise it would just be a job in deficit.

Myths about making money on slot machines

Strategies, hacks, mistakes. It’s all nonsense. Slot machines are random and one spin does not depend on others. Therefore, it is impossible to identify sequences and apply strategies effectively. At least, this is unattainable for ordinary users.

Mistakes do happen in slot machines. But if it happens, no matter how much you win, all the money will be taken away from you. Almost every slot has a payout table that says so. It happens in both land-based and online casinos. If you win a large sum by mistake, at most you can count on a small compensation or a small gift.

Another option offered by cheaters is the use of strategies, some tricks or something else. They do it with one purpose — to deceive players. They use different methods. For example, some person offers to sell you mega strategies that will show you how to make money on slot machines without investing. You are simply sold nothing meaningless nonsense about how to bet. In the end, no effect the strategy will not produce, because the slot machines are games of randomness.

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Another option is when players are lured into casino scams promising they can hack the casino, such as in the case of a telegram channel scam. You may be persuaded that it is possible to scam a certain casino and make a lot or not so much money. It is a scheme, which is used by those who are keen on profiting from cheating and consider casinos an easy target.

Whether you are offered to hack into a casino or hack into a single slot machine and make money from it, don’t believe it. It is impossible for the average player to do this. And the cost of such information would be enormous. In fact, you’re being pointed at a casino where a person brings people in and profits from their naivety. Because in the pursuit of money, the player deposits and loses his money.


Earning extra income from playing slot machines is real. But it is rather difficult. You will need to invest at least some money, effort and time. By itself, the game in the slots will never be able to guarantee any more or less stable earnings. So just enjoy the entertainment and enjoy the winnings, do not turn it into a job that will not bring a steady income. If you don’t know what casino will be the best for playing slots, try checking BestAuCasinosOnline.