The first generation of Mitsubishi Delica came out back in 1968. This minibus was assembled on the basis of the Mitsubishi T100, a popular truck. Then there were several restylings and the car was no longer assembled on the basis of a truck, but on the basis of a Pajero SUV. This successful model was produced without a single change until 2007. The fifth, modern generation appeared in 2007. This fifth model has modifications D:2, D:3 and D:5. In this review, with the help of Best People Movers we will know more about Mitsubishi Delica in Australia D:5, as well as its advantages and characteristics.

About Mitsubishi Delica

The fifth generation of cars looks very modern and attractive. That is why it has been produced for so long without restyling. The exterior can be described as cubic and very laconic – everything in the car has a straight, rectangular shape – both the exterior and the interior. Hence, all people who buy Mitsubishi Delica will benefit from this! The salon looks solid and unique. Numerous glove boxes and cup holders are placed throughout the cabin for the convenience of the driver and passengers. According to Best People Movers, like all new Japanese cars, the Delica is equipped with many electronic goodies, such as:

  • ABS;
  • EBD and BAS braking systems;
  • smart cruise control;
  • USB;
  • navigator;
  • rear and front view cameras;
  • power and heated seats;
  • a key fob door opening function.
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In the middle of the dashboard of Mitsubishi Delica there is a large on-board computer display with a diagonal of 7 inches. One of three engines can be supplied to the car:

  • a 2-liter gasoline engine with 150 hp;
  • a 170 hp gasoline engine with a volume of 2.4 liters;
  • a 148 hp diesel engine with a volume of 2.3 liters. 

Additionally, there are versions of this minivan with eight seats – here a third seat appeared in the middle row. There is an opportunity of importing Mitsubishi Delica in Australia from Japan for the most favorable price! 

Best People Movers: Reasons for buying Mitsubishi Delica

Mitsubishi Delica has a plethora of advantages:

  1. Japanese reliability of all components – suspension, engine and transmission. 
  2. Low fuel consumption – only 7 liters of fuel are consumed per hundred kilometers. 
  3. Affordable price, especially if you buy Mitsubishi Delica an older version, the cost can be very reasonable.
  4. A unique look that stands out for its shape and design.
  5. Lots of useful electronics. The side doors of the car have an electric drive, which allows the driver to open them not manually, but with the help of a key fob or a special button in the cabin. 
  6. Spaciousness. The multifunctionality of the car is also a passenger minivan, where you can put the whole family or a group of friends to go and travel by Mitsubishi Delica in Australia. This is a truck where people can fit everything they need when moving.
  7. Roomy interior with many amenities. The cabin of Mitsubishi Delica can comfortably accommodate seven adults. The third row can be completely removed and add space in the trunk.
  8. Free movement between the rows of seats, which is convenient during long journeys.
  9. Excellent visibility thanks to the high seating position.
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There are a lot of fans who prefer to buy Mitsubishi Delica for different needs: from comfortable city driving to making unforgettable long trips by car! In order to order and choose the car, call Best People Movers!