Maybe you may have heard people talking about marijuana for pets and you may have been slightly taken aback. Upon further research, you found out that they were referring to CBD products that were gotten from hemp. Or a family and friend told you about a product that works miracles for pets. 

It does not matter how you found out about CBD oil for pets, what matters is that for you to be here, you are now considering this product for your pet. We are glad that you are taking out the time to make more findings before you start administering it to your pet. 

Therefore, to help you decide if this product is right for your pet, we will be discussing some of the major pros and cons of the product. We believe that at the end of this article, you would be armed with enough information to help you in your decision-making. 

Pros of CBD Oil for Pets 

The following are the major advantages of CBD oil for pets:

1. Studies Have Shown Positive Results for its Use 

There haven’t been many clinical studies about the use of CBD products for pets. But, the few that have been conducted have given positive feedbacks. A study showed that 89 percent of dogs that were administered CBD oil had lesser seizures than dogs that weren’t given this product. Another study done by Cornell University researchers showed that dogs that had osteoarthritis had observable reduced pain after they were given CBD oil. 

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They also recorded no observable side effects due to the treatment. Studies carried out on lab animals have also shown that cannabidiol is beneficial for cancer, respiration issues, cardiovascular health, and pains. 

Although experts agree that the research done so far is preliminary; nevertheless, they have only positive reports about all the results. 

2. Veterinarians Attest To Its Usefulness 

A survey by the Veterinary Information Network discovered that about 79% of veterinarians that have clinical experience with the use of cannabis products attest that CBD helps treat severe pain in pets. Over 62% also attest that it helps manage animals’ anxiety. 80% also said that they have not gotten reports of any bad effects of the product except sedation. Furthermore, Frontiers in Veterinary Science published a study that says 82.2 percent of vets attest that CBD for pets has several medicinal uses. This attestation was given from a professional medical position.

A holistic veterinarian Jeffrey Judkins from Animalkind Veterinarian Clinic stated that cannabidiol is non-toxic. However, he strongly warns against overdosing your pet on it as it would get it drowsy. He also says that success has been recorded in the use of cannabidiol to reduce anxiety and pains in animals. 

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3. Pet Owners Attest to the Benefits of CBD oil for their Pets 

The number one thing that shows that any product is worth it is positive customer feedback, and CBD products tend to have a lot of it. Many people who have used cannabidiol for their pets have nothing but good stories to tell about. Pet owners affirm that cannabidiol has been extremely useful for the treatment and management of digestive issues, inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

The positive experience which this product has is largely reflected in how fast this market is growing. As of 2019, cannabidiol products market was said to be at about four hundred million dollars, and analysts are predicting it to grow to a staggering one billion, seven hundred dollars by 2021. 

Also, a study carried out on people who give their pets CBD reported that only less than five percent complained about side effects. Even at that, the side effect commonly reported was lethargy.

Cons of CBD Oil for Pets 

The following are the major disadvantages of CBD oil for pets:

1. They are Unregulated 

There are not many regulations as regards these products. Due to this, you may buy a product that does not have the ingredients listed but may contain some ingredients that may be potentially harmful to your pet, like THC. 

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According to experts, CBD products need to be tested for pesticides, THC, and heavy metals. FDA stresses that they do not approve of the use of cannabis for animals; therefore, they can’t ensure the effectiveness or safety of the products. They go further to say that animals given cannabis can suffer from depression, lethargy, vomiting, heavy drooling, tremors, agitation, and convulsions. 

2. Using this Product instead of Prescribed Medicine May Harm Your Pet

A phenomenon known as the placebo effect may be the reason some pet owners believe that cannabidiol is giving their pets all these benefits. You can read this article to learn more about the placebo effect. Because you think your pet is responding positively to the cannabidiol, you may deprive your pet of the chance of getting better from the use of prescribed medication.  


Every pet owner wants nothing but the best for their pets; therefore, the rush for cannabidiol oil keeps increasing by the day. But how are you certain that this product is good for animals? Knowing the pros and cons of a product is the first step to determining if it is what you want or not. Therefore, before you start giving cannabidiol oil to your pet, we think it is wise that you read and understand its major pros and cons.