The hustle and bustle of your daily commute to work should not stop you from being organized. You must plan your work and start in the morning when you travel from your home to your office. Prepare your custom makeup bags, breakfast meals, and your travel money so that you have a more enjoyable and organized commute to work.

Ways to Organize Your Commute to Work 

Plan ahead

You should always plan ahead. You must anticipate the things that will happen throughout the week and each day of work. Know your schedule beforehand so that you will not second guess the events of each hour at work. Make a mental note of your whole schedule so that you can plan ahead of your commute. 

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The goal is to make every morning as comfortable as possible. If you will have a presentation for a meeting in the morning, it is better to go to work earlier. If you have free time in the morning, you can allot more time to leisurely have a less stressful journey from home to work. 

Have specialized bags for your items

Do you know that a bag is very useful when you commute to work? And do you also understand the importance of small bags within a bag to organize items inside your bag? Use custom makeup bags for your lipstick, brushes, powder, contour, foundation, and highlighter. 

If you love carrying pens and pencils in your bag for note-taking, it is best to carry a small pencil case or pouch. You can organize such items based on color or type. 

Mobile devices can also benefit from the specialized bags that you have. A sleeve protects tablets and laptops. A heavily-protected phone holder will also keep your smartphone safe inside your bag. 

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Run your to-do list

While you are on your daily ride to work in the taxi, carpool, or train, you should make use of your time by reading through your to-do list. It is not enough that you have the list on your mind. You should document every task that you need to do for the day. Running through the list can give you a posture of awareness of the time that you can use and prioritize what needs to be given attention. 

Track your easiest path to work

Have you tried looking for other ways to commute to work? Have you asked some of your officemates for the availability of a carpool? You may also take the train instead of the taxi to save money. Think of other ways to go to work and track the expenses as well as the time that you need to ride specific modes of public transportation. 

Reply to your emails

One way to maximize your time during your daily commute is to reply to your work emails. The number of emails that you receive can go up even after the work hour is up so you have to go through your email list as early as you can. Replying to emails and discarding those which you do not need can help you save time and keep you focus on the tasks at hand when you arrive in the office. 

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Your daily commute to work should be organized and not be full of chaos. You can definitely make use of the different ideas listed so you know what you are going to do and where you are going to get the items that you need for work. Your custom makeup bags will make it easier for you to access your lipstick, brushes, and powder. Have a to-do list so that you will no longer have to miss something on your daily commute to work.