It is a treat to personalize a journal. A journal should be the perfect representation of who you are as a person because it contains your traits, opinions, characteristics, and distinctiveness as an individual. You should add everything that you think will make it your own. In this article, you will read more about the ways how to design and personalize your journal like adding custom washi tape, using decorative paper, and putting stickers on the journal.

How Should You Personalize Your Journal?

The ways of personalizing your journal listed here are just a few ideas that you can explore. But do not hold yourself from using other designs that you want to use in your journal. You are your journal. Make it your own. 

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Get a journal

The first thing that you have to do is get a journal. This can be a difficult decision for those who are just starting out on journaling. Questions that you may ask include: What size of the journal should you get? Do you want to sew together paper and create a whole journal? Should I buy a journal with blank papers or do I prefer motivational quotes or questions? 

For those who are beginners, it is better to get a journal from the bookstore near you. But if you have been doing this for a year or two, you may want to explore completely creating a journal book from scratch.

Personalize the front and back covers of the journal

One way to personalize your journal is by putting a personal design on the front and back covers of the book. This is particularly engaging especially if the journal that you bought has hard covers. 

Use whatever mode of drawing and design you prefer. If you like using charcoal pencils, then use them to create a nice design. If you love to paint, use acrylic or water-based paint to personalize the journal. For those who enjoy using special pens to decorate the front and back cover, try it out and see what it looks like. 

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Design the pages of the journal

The next thing that you can do is personalize the pages of the journal, People who are organized in their journal often put structured designs on each of the pages. A custom washi tape can be placed on the edges of the page for uniformity. Others use the same stickers throughout the whole journal. 

Others would use their creativity on each journal page. This is also their form of a stress reliever as they devote their personal time to decorating the page based on their emotions and experiences at the moment. 

Start writing your stories

The point of the journal is to document your life through the words that you write on each page. This is the true personalization of the journal. The stories and experiences written in the journal are just about you and you alone. Do not mind your handwriting. What matters is that you pour out your emotions on the pages that tell the story of your life. 

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Your journal is a sacred book that contains all your personal stories and experiences. It is something that should represent who you are as an individual. You can create a journal from scratch or you can buy one from your local stores. But make sure to personalize your journal by making it your own. Add a custom washi tape, put a ribbon on it, or use a colored pen of your choice. Your journal should reflect your whole personality. Have fun decorating and customizing your journal.