We all love a good investment from time to time, especially after receiving hard-earned money. A classy and valuable wristwatch is one precious material that most people would love to invest in. There are wristwatches that people admire and constantly wish they own. Generally, wristwatches serve as a time tracking device but over time they also became a fashion accessory and valuable investment material. They have various functions that stand out in the market. Luxury watches have continued to evolve over the years. They have served as fashion accessories for people who have a high taste for beautiful timepieces. 

When buying a wristwatch, it is essential to buy one that is worth the price and would last for a reasonable amount of time. There are luxury watch brands that are definitely worth our investment; all we need to know is to find out which ones can complement whatever we wear and have real value for money in case of reselling. Here are luxury wristwatch brands that are worth the investment.

1. Nomos Glashutte

A good watch collector does not look past a Nomos watch. Its Swiss makers have been able to make over one million of these watches. Hip hop and rap legend Jay- Z has been seen countless times on stage performing with this watch, which is why it received multiple celebrity endorsements and marketing campaigns. 

Nomos is indeed not your ordinary watch brand. Its authenticity and rarity is the one that stands out from other watch brands, so you won’t regret getting one. It gives anyone the confidence boost that is worth spending every dime for. They are one of the mainstays and ones to look out for in the watch industry. Although Nomos has German origins, it is a strong contender with different watch brands from the Swiss. 

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2. Blancpain

A luxury wristwatch that has continued to be in the hearts of luxury wristwatch lovers is the Blancpain. They manufacture watches that are superior to most swiss watches.  It was a watch brand that was founded in 1735. Even Though it is the world’s oldest watchmaking brand, it still makes innovative watches by maintaining consistency. 

Since Jehan Jacques invented it, they have become a luxury watch that people have gotten used to and love as a pioneer in the watchmaking business. When spending a fortune on an item you value, in this case, a wristwatch, it should be valuable and worth it. There are watch brands that are definitely worth our money. We need to know which ones can complement whatever we wear and have real value for their money. 

They do not compromise their quality. They have maintained and preserved their original mechanical movement even though other wristwatch brands have moved to quartz crystal for easy availability. 

They are consistent and can never make a quartz wristwatch. The world’s first scuba diver watch is the Blancpain fifty fathoms.  If you also need a luxury wristwatch worth the investment, here you have it in a Blancpain wristwatch.

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3. Rolex

Amongst all the watch brands, a Rolex watch is a watch that luxury wristwatch collectors fantasize about and wish to have as their own. They are synonymous with luxury and beauty. These watches are designed to withstand the daily rigors of life even when used in extreme conditions by sportsmen during and fitness activities.

Painstaking inspections by these learned watch experts give their watches an edge in the business. The oyster case is a unique Rolex watch made with gold and platinum, which helps stay water-resistant. Rolex gold watches can be scratch-resistant. Rolex submariners are said to be produced a lot in a year due to their frequent demands by users. They are a reputable watch company that can be reckoned with. 

The Rolex brand has a never-ending quest and mark for getting a work near perfect and continually improving on everything they put out in the watch market. They have a relentless niche for getting work near perfect and continually improving on everything they put out in the watch market. There are also other great watches that men will use this year and maintain a spiffy look. Luxury watch lovers need wristwatches. They can be used to typify affluence and class. They are investment-worthy watches, and you can never go out of style.

4. Breguet

A Breguet watch is a luxury watch that you need and will be worth whatever money you invest in it. They make one’s dress and appearance look more presentable. Breguet holds the title as one of the oldest wristwatches in the horology world. For centuries they have produced different timepieces that have been sold at auctions at reasonable prices. Breguet’s are produced in small numbers meaning they are rare. Owning one might be an opportunity to invest in a wristwatch that would yield returns in the future. 

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5. Grand Seiko

A Grand Seiko watch has some watches like SBGR05, which allows its user to easily see two different time zones due to its 4th GMT hand. The legibility of the screen is improved because it uses a negative display. This luxurious Seiko watch is deeply rooted in Japanese history and heritage. The Seiko company has made its mark in the wristwatch world. Its original timepieces are respected all over the world as classic pieces and can be resold to turn a profit in the future. 

Key Takeaway

Every wristwatch has indeed distinct and stand-out qualities that suit different personalities and styles. These luxury watches have been in the spotlight for different reasons including their investment potential. Good watches are not just time-telling devices, but it is also an expression of personality. Are you contemplating going to that jewelry shop to get a good luxury watch for an occasion? If you have made a budget for a watch, these watches listed above are the real deal for you. They can be worth any investment you make in them. Make sure to canvass through their website to know what watch suits your interest.