Stocks play a prominent role in any investment portfolio of an investor, and learning how to buy stocks should be the very objective of an investor. To grow wealth in India, investors still follow the rule of age-old alternatives than early investing, and, when it comes to investing in India, purchasing stocks is still the most favored choice. 

Buying a company’s stock represents investing in the stock market. An investor must first visit any reliable stock exchange entity or broker who is registered with SEBI if they want to purchase shares. Other possible options of investments include a variety of other asset classes, including mutual funds, gold, and real estate in order to diversify their portfolio. Historically it has been proven that the stock market has provided the best returns. 

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How to buy stocks in India

Stocks can be bought through different exchanges including Libertex, Admiral Markets, Saxobank, etc. However, investors must understand the fundamentals of the stock market before they begin trading on the stock market. 

How to buy stocks in India ? To buy stocks, investors must locate a registered member/broker of SEBI. Then verify their identity through KYC (Know your Customer) verification by providing their personal details (PAN, Aadhar, Voter ID, driver’s License). Then open a DEMAT Account. Deposit the required amounts and start investing!

Before investing the user must check the authenticity of the exchange, reviews, and reputation of the exchange. Users must perform periodic market monitoring and analysis before investing. Buying stocks is subjected to varying market risks, please read detailed information and acknowledge best practices before investing. 

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So investors, what are you waiting for, go and buy those stocks now!