Maths Olympiad is an exam held both at the national and international levels for students of classes 1-12. The syllabus of this exam is of a higher level even though it often goes hand-in-hand with most schools’ syllabus. Join thousands of students who work hard and prepare for the annual Maths Olympiad at the national level. If you are lucky and score among the top six scores in your country, you are eligible to prepare and compete in the International Maths Olympiad (IMO) for level 6. 

What are the Benefits of Appearing in Class 6 Math Olympiad

There are several benefits if you appear in Math Olympiad:

  • It instills in students the feeling of competitiveness at the national and international levels.
  • It allows students to deepen their interest in the subject.
  • The exam helps students to often learn maths more interestingly.
  • Students can deepen their logical reasoning and analytical skills by preparing for this exam.
  • Students are often able to develop their time-management skills.
  • This exam helps students to be smart, sharp, and quick-thinkers.
  • Students will be able to link maths with real-life applications. 
  • Students who score the highest at the national level, are eligible to represent their nation at the international level at the IMO.

5 Expert-Based Tips to Prepare Well for Class 6 Math Olympiad

  • Start with Your Preparations Early
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Whichever class you are in, always start preparing early for Maths Olympiad. The level of Maths Olympiad is higher than your school syllabus even if the topics go hand in hand. Students can check and compare the syllabus:

Chapter 1: Concept of Geometry

Chapter 2: Number System

Chapter 3: Factors & Multiples

Chapter 4: Integers

Chapter 5: Decimal Fractions

Chapter 6: Ratio & Proportion

Chapter 7: Arithmetic

Chapter 8: Basic Algebra

Chapter 9: Data Handling

Chapter 10: Mensuration

Chapter 11: Symmetry

Chapter 12: Logical Reasoning

Know the dates of the exam as early as possible and then download the syllabus. Go through it and mark the weaker topics wherein you need to add more time for learning. 

Don’t waste time as time is of the essence. Stop other forms of distractions and give complete focus and concentration to your studies. 

Stick to your Schedule

To score well in the Math Olympiad, students need to be at the top of their game. This can be achieved by being organized. The only way to do this is to have a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Your plan should not be perfect by others’ standards but should be perfect for you. But make sure that you do not create a very rigid timetable in case you need to make certain changes to cover a certain backlog of work. Divide your time for everything fairly. Give some time every day for your preparation and do not break the flow of your studies. Cover all your topics such that you have at least a month before the exam to spend only on revision and tests.

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Practice, Practice, and Practice Till you Succeed

This point holds the key to the success of scoring well in maths. Practice till you can answer the question without any doubt. It is important to develop the skill of quick-thinking to answer well and complete the paper on time. Practice every question on your own. It is beneficial if you practice more for the questions in the weaker topic sections. If you have a question that you cannot follow, clear your doubts by asking your teacher or going through a reliable source then practice them again and again. 

Be patient. If you do not understand a certain topic, be patient and do not fret. Start with that topic the next day with a fresh and calm mind. 

Past and Sample Papers are Important

It is important to practice numerous past papers to give you a boost of confidence as it will help you understand the paper pattern or the difficulty of the questions. You can download past papers from here by clicking this link- IMO Class 7 2011 Question Paper.

Sample papers are available on the website for download. During revision, practice mock tests within a given time limit. This will help you to prepare yourself for your race against time during the actual exam. Analyze yourself after every test and revision. It is very important to check and note down your progress to understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

Be Careful When You Answer Your Paper

This point is extremely important. Often students tend to rush when answering the paper in the fear of not being able to complete the paper on time. When you get your question paper, make sure to spend the first few minutes reading through the paper carefully. This way you will be able to plan the time to be given to each section. Write down all your calculations instead of doing them mentally to avoid mistakes. 

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When answering your paper, be careful with the OMR sheet. Make sure that you are familiarised with the answering system before the exam itself. 

Be calm and relaxed when you answer the paper and do not panic at all. Believe that your preparations were enough and more to get you the score you aimed to obtain.


Truth be told, the Class 6 Maths Olympiad is not easy to tackle without intense preparation. Be sure to understand the benefits of preparing for and writing the exam. Start your preparations very early and create your personalized timetable. Stick to your schedule and do not waste time. Go through the study material and take down the notes. Be perfect with all your formulas and practice all kinds of questions. Practice numerous past papers as well as sample papers. Keep close contact with your teacher throughout your preparation process and ask your doubts. Revise regularly. Keep yourself fit and healthy and have a good sleep schedule. During the exam, be careful and vigilant at all times. Follow these steps to obtain the highest scores in your exam.