How to determine the best crypto exchange to keep personal information protected? Find out in this article. 

How to Choose the Best Anonymous Exchange for Crypto

With numerous recent reports of data theft on crypto exchanges, users are starting to look for alternative options and turning to decentralized converters. These platforms do not require ID verification, which means none of your sensitive private information can end up in the wrong hands. 

Try anonymous crypto swap and its crypto calculator to estimate the amount of crypto you will get after the purchase, experience unlimited crypto transactions, and keep your personal information protected. 

What You Need to Do for a Secure Swap

If you are planning to exchange crypto anonymously, you need to take some steps, such as: 

  • Get a secure crypto wallet 

There are different kinds of wallets to choose from: mobile, desktop, hardware, software. You will use the wallet to receive your cryptocurrency and store it, so perform thorough research to determine the most secure and trusted one. As a rule, software wallets that you download to your phone or computer are a good match for you if you want to use your currency frequently, for example, exchange it or do purchases. If you have a large amount of crypto and just want to store it offline, you’d better choose a hardware wallet. 

  • Do research on coins you want to swap 
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Before exchanging crypto, you need to check its price rate and see how the price has been changing for a particular period of time. It is very important to understand the current state of the coin to get maximum profit out of the swap. 

After all the necessary steps are taken, you should choose the crypto converter that provides you with an extra security layer and is easy to use. But how to define one? 

What to Look for in Crypto Exchange? 

There are four characteristics that help to determine the quality of any crypto converter. Taking into account that crypto-to-crypto exchange is anonymous in most cases due to blockchain technology integration, it is highly recommended to pay attention to the following qualities: 

Converter security 

Check the reputation and reviews on the crypto exchange before using it. Look through the website of the chosen platform to find information on the Anti-Fraud department of the company. Check if it provides two-factor authentication and see if security audits are conducted. 

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Customer support team 

You should always know where to go for help if it is needed. That is why the platform’s website should feature a live chat, an email address, and a contact phone number of customer care. 

User-friendly interface 

When you understand how the website of the converter works, it makes the exchange process faster and easier. You don’t have to know the details of the transaction technology to make purchases, but if the site is hard to navigate and understand, you had better find another one. 

Clear fees and exchange rate policy 

You should always understand how many coins you have to deposit and how many you will receive in your wallet. You should also clearly see what transaction fees need to be paid. It is best if the platform has a crypto calculator that you can use to estimate the exchange rate and the cost of the transaction. 

Why Use Swap to Exchange Crypto? exchange platform provides its users with all the necessary services, and even more. Take a look at some advantages of using Godex and make the right decision. 

  • As a crypto-to-crypto exchange, Godex is not connected to any third-party organization, and you do not need to provide any bank or card information. That’s why when you exchange cryptocurrency, you have total control over your payments and your funds are safe. 
  • There is no need to provide any personal information or go through KYC. 
  • There are over 300 coins and tokens to choose from.
  • The platform is easy to use, the interface is intuitive, and you can find everything quickly. 
  • Godex offers a convenient crypto calculator, live exchange rates for all crypto pairs, price history, and current information about each coin. 
  • Crypto transactions take 5-30 minutes to complete.
  • The rates are fixed at the beginning of the transaction to protect you from price fluctuations. 
  • There are no limits on the amount of crypto and the number of purchases at Godex. 
  • There are no hidden fees or any other pitfalls at Godex. All transaction payments are clear to the user during the exchange process. 
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The process of exchanging crypto may seem challenging at first, but if you choose the right platform, it doesn’t have to be. With Godex, you can swap unlimited amounts of all popular (and not so popular) coins while remaining incognito and keeping control over your money.