PDFBear can assist you if you want to modify your documents in a few simple steps. This is a platform that offers a variety of cloud-based utilities that are necessary for different document types. It gives the perfect online service that will undoubtedly exceed everyone’s aspirations.

On the website, you can access a variety of tools. You simply need to select the tool that best suits your needs and select a specific tool to complete the task on your account. Each tool has its own set of goals and approaches. They will effectively advise you from the beginning to the completion of the process, so don’t be concerned. To know some of its most helpful tools, here is the article for you.

1. Add Watermark to PDF

When adding a watermark to a file, you are indicating that it is original and that no one else may use and claim it as their own. Furthermore, you can only add watermark to PDF online if you use PDFBear’s Add Watermark feature. The tool will generate the desired watermark in a couple of moments. Whatever layout or style you prefer, you can use it as a watermark as long as it’s a text or an image. You can also choose which location on the page a watermark should appear in the file.

Here are the procedures for adding a watermark to your PDF file using this feature. Drag and drop your PDF file into the website’s toolbox first. Second, swiftly drop the image or type the words to be used as a watermark. To begin, select the “Add Watermark” option. Third, please be patient while the watermarking procedure is in progress. Finally, once completed, you can email and download the watermarked PDF file to whoever and wherever you prefer.

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2. Rotate PDF

PDFBear simplifies the process of rotating PDF files, whether you have one or several files. Its viewing functions are easy to use, and it allows users to quickly reorganize and modify their files. If you want to learn how to do it, just try these basic instructions.

First, select the PDF file you want to be rotated from your device or use the “Drag & Drop” option. Second, a circle arrow will appear, enabling you to spin your PDFs. Third, once you’ve determined the ideal angle for the data, click the “Apply” button. Finally, after the operation is completed, users can begin sharing or downloading their PDFs. It will keep a backup in the cloud system which can be accessed online. 

3. Convert PDF

PDFBear can assist you whether you are converting a word document, spreadsheet, or presentation file to PDF. Furthermore, this webpage supports image files such as JPG, TIFF, and PNG. Your photographs can be transformed and merged into a unified PDF document by using the same methods as the other files. You can also use it to transform a PDF file back to the original or previous format.

4. Repair Damaged PDF

If there is one common problem that people have while working with digital files, it is having broken or damaged documents. Corrupted files are typically caused by system faults, malware, viruses, overwriting with defective codes, and a variety of other factors that are both common and unavoidable at times.

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Using PDFBear’s Repair feature will undoubtedly save you time by avoiding the need to type and create a new file from scratch. To do so, select and submit the corrupted file to the server’s toolbox, and the program will evaluate the document directly. Some broken files may be difficult to repair, but PDFBear will make every effort to avoid making matters worse. After that, pick the “Repair” option, and wait patiently for the procedure to finish before downloading and distributing the document to colleagues. Repairing a file is one of PDFBear’s most essential techniques; if the document is damaged or destroyed, the tool kit will modify and recover it as soon as conceivable.

5. Compress PDF

Creating webmails will be more difficult if you have big files to upload. The most important thing for you to perform is to lower the size. You can depend on PDFBear to handle all of the jobs for you. The Compressor Tool in PDFBear enables you to reduce up to 70% of the total file without degrading the quality or altering the format.

Here is a four-step procedure for reducing file size.  First, choose the file you want to be compressed. By clicking the “Select Files” tab, you can upload it to their website. Then, select how you want to compress your document from the options available. The tool will then complete the majority of the work for you. After a few minutes, finish by downloading your completely compressed PDF file and save it to your computer or share it with others via Google Drive.

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6. Merge PDF

Do you have an oversupply of PDF files on your computer that you can’t seem to get clear of? You simply need to restructure these files by combining them into a single file. PDFBear provides the tool for free and is available on all platforms. Using Android, Windows, or Linux to utilize the PDFBear Merging program is not a problem. All that is required is a working gadget and a stable internet connection.

To merge files, you must correctly complete these four stages. First, upload several PDF files to PDFBear’s database. To begin, choose the “Select Files” tab. Allow the text from the documents to be analyzed and scanned by the merging tool. Wait a few moments for the merging procedure to finish. Finally, download and save the document on your PC.

In A Nutshell

PDFBear’s friendly support promptly solves all of your PDF file problems since PDFBear is online software that can aid you with anything related to PDF files. When working with such files, this tool will make your life better and easier, as well as more transparent and convenient.

Now that you’ve learned about some important PDFBear features, you might want to start using it right away. Unlike other online resources, PDFBear is straightforward to use and free to anyone. Visit their website right now to see for yourself that their features are quite dependable.