One thing related to documents that countless people always look up on the web is how to convert PDF to Word. As we all know, the Portable Document Format is an excellent file format when sharing because it can preserve document formatting. This way, people can rest assured that their work remains the same across computers.

Unfortunately, PDF files are not so easy to modify. Though there are some PDF editing tools to do some basic changes indeed, they could be far from enough depending on how you want to edit your documents. If you are on a deadline and you have to do the modifications urgently, relying on these editors might be insufficient. 

When editing, a suitable counterpart of PDF is Word or DOC. Unlike PDFs, Word files are easy to make changes to, though they might not be able to hold formatting well when sent to other people. 

Convert PDF to Word with PDFBear

Converting PDF to Word might be the answer that you are looking for. This way, you can have an editable copy of your file directly. You wouldn’t have to start from scratch, copy and paste things here and there, edit to achieve the original appearance of the file, and so on. Those are tedious, but you can remove the need for those by using a PDF to Word converter.

There are a plethora of choices for you on the web. You can opt for software applications that do the job at hand, or you can settle with online converters. We recommend using a powerful tool, PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter, for a variety of reasons. For starters, you can use this excellent device without any cost. Moreover, it is pretty easy to use due to its friendly interface.

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Regarding security, it employs the 256-SSL encryption technique, which is above standards. That’s why you can rest assured that your files will be utilized for the sake of conversion only. Everything happens on the cloud, so there’s no need for any software installation. Just tap on a stable Internet connection, go to its website, and do the following steps.

  1. Select your file from storage, and upload it to the converter.
  2. PDFBear will scan your PDF automatically.
  3. Wait for PDFBear to finish converting the file to Word.
  4. Download and edit once done.

Ease in Editing

Ease in editing is perhaps the primary benefit of doing PDF to Word conversion. This way, you can directly modify the file, without copying and pasting any element to another one. Doing so could be manageable indeed on a small scale, but tiring when faced with stacks of files to modify.

Moreover, some PDFs may not support copying. Such a case can pose a problem for you, as you might have to retype everything from scratch. You wouldn’t want that as it is not only time-wasting but also requires much-unneeded effort spent. When you do the conversion, you can edit your work without any hitches and be done in no time.

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Images inside the rendered editable copy can be reused easily, which is the opposite of the case with PDF files. Also, word processors, such as Microsoft Word, have powerful tools like grammar and spelling checkers that undoubtedly make your documents better. Converting your files is an excellent choice when modifying large areas of text and other major changes.

Time Efficiency

Time is gold. Such a statement is indeed true because every minute counts when working. You wouldn’t want to waste it on some tedious task when you have a powerful means to finish your work. PDF to Word conversion with PDFBear finishes almost instantly. You can get your editable file in as fast as two minutes. 

This way, you can save a lot of time, and do other things. If utilized properly, you can boost your productivity by doing pending work and finishing your to-do list. Alternatively, you can invest time in learning new skills that would certainly be useful in your growth. You can maximize your time efficiently.

Preserved Document Formatting

What really makes PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter worth using is that the formatting of the original PDF is maintained in the resulting Word file. This situation could be realized by PDFBear because it employs the Optical Character Recognition program in its conversion tool.

Optical Character Recognition, shortly OCR, converts all images, documents such as PDF, and the like that have text into machine-encoded text. Together with this technology, the converter works side by side to preserve the document formatting of your files. You can rest assured that your original work isn’t wasted and you can edit it by doing PDF to Word conversion.

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Unavailable PDF Reader

Though most modern computers are equipped with PDF reader utilities, some may not have them. As a result, you might have to install one first before being able to work with the files’ contents. Such a situation is time-consuming. If you do have a word processor like MS Word, what you can do is to proceed with the file conversion.

This way, you can still see what’s inside your file even with the absence of a PDF reader. You can take it as a roundabout way to access the information if you don’t have the relevant software. Moreover, in the case where the file needs some editing, you can proceed with doing so directly.

Screen Reading

Another reason to do the file conversion is due to word processors’ ability to read the screen, and in turn, the contents. This powerful feature is helpful for our fellows who do not have the gift of sight but need to earn a living at the same time. As such, Word files are much better than PDFs in this aspect, as PDFs might not necessarily be compatible with screen reading tools.


PDFs are best for file sharing, while Word files are for editing. Accepting this fact and utilizing each file formats’ advantages would make your work more manageable. Visit PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter today!