Corporate events are a great way to get your employees on the same page and to build the team, but they are not without concerns. A top concern for hosting corporate events is that after the festivities have ended, they have all but been forgotten. Don’t worry, with just a few steps you can make sure your next event is one your employees will be talking about for years to come. 


Company events are a break from the work day and one mistake commonly made is people thinking they have to be all business. Entertainment can make a lasting impression and should not be forgotten. Music is a popular option, but don’t overlook local bands. Local bands can really surprise you with the quality of their music and there is undoubtedly a wealth of musical talent to be found near you.

If you want to think a bit more outside the box, many community theaters or mystery dinner theaters are willing to perform for corporate functions and often have shows that are interactive to really get your people engaged. Things like this are great for team building and making a lasting impression on business morale.

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Nothing is going to remind someone of an event quite so much as wearing something with the event name and date emblazoned across it. Tee shirts and hats are popular choices but there are a lot of options here.

 If you serve lunch, consider having it ready for your employees in customized cooler totes. It makes the serving process easier than a buffet line and you’ll give them something to take home afterward. Even better, include personalized cups as well. Some may hesitate at the expense, but the long-term rewards from improved morale make it well worth it. 


Activities can really help to elevate an event and improve employee morale. Organizers will frequently try to bring out games, and while they can be good, most adults don’t want to play the same games we once did at summer camp. You may want to leave the horse shoes and bean bag tossing aside in favor of current fads. 

Once upon a time that might have meant blasting Gangnam Style for a dance-off, today it might mean copying the latest Tik Tok dance fad or karaoke to a current hit. Once people start letting loose and getting silly, they and their coworkers will remember the moment for a long time to come. 

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As important as it is to be remembered in a good way, it is equally as important to not be remembered in a bad way. If you are asking your employees to be somewhere for several hours (or days) make sure they have what they require to be comfortable. If it is a hot day, make sure they have adequate shade and hydration available.

If a cold one, make sure heating is provided. Don’t forget things like trash cans, and that means having someone to empty them. If you force your employees to undergo conditions that make them miserable they will remember that. They will also remember the care given when you are keeping their comfort in mind. 

Surpass Expectations

It should go without saying but it still always needs to be said: try to surpass your employee’s expectations at every turn. Why have one color of cupcakes when you could have two? Why have two when you could have four? Get your corporate logo on the napkins, push everything a little further and do that little extra. Your people will notice. 

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The Next Day

If you want people to remember your event the day after, remind them the day after. Send out photos from the event, or put reminders of it around the office. If you brought in entertainment, send out a link to the website. Make a casual day and offer a prize drawing to those wearing the tee given out the day before. Have a photo contest for employees who took pictures during the event. This is a great way to get people talking and is great for social media.

Challenging But Worth It

Hosting a great event is more work than a mediocre one, but it is well worth it. Would you invite someone you respected home to dinner and greet them with a dirty house and a frozen meal? Your employees deserve the same courtesy. The daily grind can be difficult and this is their chance to interact outside of it. They are the corporate life equivalent to holidays in our private lives. Take the time to make them special.