Do you have a teen who loves playing video games? Do you want to create a dedicated space in the house where they can enjoy their games, that’s out of the way of the rest of the family? A dedicated video game room provides them with the privacy they’ll crave, but it also means you can keep the mess, the noise and your teen and their friends out of the common areas. Let’s take a look at how to design the ultimate video game room for teens.

Pick a Spot That Has a Door

The first tip is to pick the right spot for the video game room. It should be a separate room with a door if you truly want to achieve a sense of privacy. A spare room or the basement can be great, but if you don’t have the space then you can always dedicate a corner in their room to video gaming.

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Give Teens a Way to Create a Dark Environment

While no rule says you need to game in a dark room, gamers tend to prefer low-lighting conditions. It can help the graphics and colors to better pop on the screen whether it be the television or their gaming computer. A simple solution is to install blackout window coverings. They can be opened when not gaming, and then closed when needed.

Another way tip is to change the color palette and paint the walls a dark color, such as a moody grey, deep blue, or even a rich brown. 

What About Furniture?

Because your teen will likely be gaming for hours at a time, you need to think about furniture and pick something that is not only “cool” and teen-approved, but also comfortable to sit in. A floor chair is something that feels a bit out of the box and unique and is causal enough to fit into a gaming space. If you want something with a bit more support that is built for a pro gamer, then you can look at gamer chairs. Just be warned they can get rather pricey depending on the features.

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Consider whether your teen may also have friends over to play; if so, you’ll need additional seating.

What’s Gaming without Snacks?

Teens pretty much snack around the clock as it is, but snacking while gaming is something that goes hand-in-hand. So, rather than your teen having to cart items back and forth from the kitchen, you can install a mini-fridge and shelving for snacks. Even small floating shelves above the mini fridge will likely be more than enough space.

Think In Terms of Storage

Storage isn’t exactly an exciting topic, but it will help to keep the gaming room organized and functional. Ideally, you want to find storage that allows them to tuck away their gaming gear and accessories out of sight when not in use. This means something with doors or drawers.

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Using all of these tips will help you to design the perfect room for gaming, so much so that your teen won’t want to leave the space.