If there is one thing that you have often heard about getting into the groove of self-care, it is a morning and night routine.

There is something peaceful about a morning and night routine that can help you get ready for the day or distress after a long day of work if you are someone who has never tried a night routine before.

Or, if you are a little skeptical, thinking nothing good can come from it, then you need to read this article.

We would suggest you try this relaxing night routine just for one day, and then give us your feedback.

We are sure that this will not only help your de-stress but give you a much better goodnight’s sleep. If you are still skeptical and yet still reading, I guess we have caught yout attention.

Great, let’s start!

Get ready for the perfect night routine!

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What Is So Special!

Now, you must be asking.

What is so special about a night routine?

Why do I need to come home after a long day of work and then immediately get into a routine?

Psychologist says that whenever we find ourselves productive in a routine, it increases the serotonin level in our body and hence help us sleep better. Your night routine will definitely not be as vigorous as your daily routine, but the moment you get home and do something, you will feel happy and not stressed about your work.

So, it is highly suggested that you get yourself in a night routine.

Plus, you will either be switching off your phone or your internet connection. So, no late-night endless scrolling through social media or no ‘impotant’ calls from the office, which can instantly stress you about tomorrow’s work.

The Perfect Night Routine

Here is the perfect night routine for you.

1. Put Something In The Background

If you are staying alone and you are not quite that fond of silence, then there is no harm in putting something in the background. Something which will not require much of your attention, and you can simply carry on with your work.

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This could be an old movie or series you have already watched or some soft music. Now, you must be thinking. If we are not using our internet, how are we supposed to play these items?


Just download them from Pirate Bay.

2. Take A Long Bath Or Shower

If you really want to do something relaxing, then immediately get undressed when you walk inside your home and go for a bath. You can do your night beauty routine and then take a long shower or bath (whatever suits you).

Psychology says this act as washing away all the stress and pressure from the day and a sweet remembrance that tomorrow will be a new day to try again. So, no point in thinking about them right now. 

3. Cook Your Meal

Yes, do not order take-out every day if you wish to have a healthy night routine. You can cook something simple, which will not take much effort. There are plenty of such recipes which just ask for you to gather some things and heat them in the oven.

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Plus, late-night cooking is very therapeutic. Try it!

4. Meditate In Candlelight

This might not be everyone’s favorite. But, there could be nothing better than taking some time out for yourself and just closing your eyes.

Either put on some background music or simply bask in the silence and take a few deep breaths.

5. Catch Up On Some Reading

Even if you are not a reader, this is the best time to catch up on your reading. Rather than straining your eyes with constant scrolling, you can pick up that book you have wanted to read.

Do not need to finish the entire book today; just a few pages would do.

6. Write On Your Planner Or Journal

This is a way to prepare yourself for the next day and get you excited about yourself. Write your to-do list at night so that the moment you wake up, you know what to do.

Plus, writing a journey and pouring all your day’s emotion into a journal is an excellent way to say goodnight to yourself.

Just top that night routine off by switching your lights and going to bed early.