Each year, many businesses find themselves overspending on their utilities, usually without knowing it. This is due to expired business energy contracts, inappropriate energy deals, and inadequate time leaves many business owners with costly energy bills that they fail to check. Unfortunately, such energy bill expenses put unnecessary pressure on small businesses on their need to increase revenue to compensate for high utility bills. 

Most businesses overspend because they don’t have enough time to check their utility spending.  Because most business owners don’t pay attention to their energy bills or review their energy contracts, some business energy providers take advantage of their energy offers in various ways. This article discusses why many businesses are spending more on utilities.

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Business energy contracts are hard to understand

The challenge of understanding your business energy contract means that you may usually not know exactly what you need to pay for. With gas and electricity, billing has a standing charge and a usage rate besides other charges like the Climate Change Levy.

A business energy contract that has a variable rate can change the price of your energy usage rates and energy market prices fluctuate. These energy prices can appear cheap and the potential of falls in energy prices can be appealing. Quite often, this can leave your business stuck paying high energy prices as business energy providers take full control over what they can charge. 

Sometimes, when a business energy supplier advertises its services, they emphasize on offering a low energy usage rate. This can seem a good option until over time you check your recent energy bill to realize that high-standing charges remove the benefits of having cheaper energy usage rates. There is no way you can cancel your business energy contract at this point because regulations don’t protect energy consumers. Businesses don’t enjoy the cooling-off periods or even protection against poor terms and conditions that domestic consumers have.

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A business can be placed on out-of-contract rates  

Another problem that causes businesses to spend a lot of overspending is the huge percentage of them paying out-of-contract energy rates. When your business energy contract expires and you fail to switch or negotiate your energy contract, your current business energy supplier can automatically renew your energy contract with higher energy rates, which are called out-of-contract or deemed energy rates.

On electricity or gas, most businesses are usually paying at least double or more compared to the average energy market rate on the business energy bills after the energy provider rolls over their energy contracts. But your competitors can be utilizing the same amount of business energy while paying half the price. This can be quite expensive and unfair as it leaves a smaller business at a disadvantage.

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Some businesses also often stick with the same business energy supplier rather than switching to a cheaper energy deal. This is because business owners may think that the switching process can take a lot of time or they are just afraid of a new business energy deal they know little about. But delaying to make the switch can cause you to miss out on available cheaper business energy deals.