Everyone is familiar with this sensation. One day, your earbuds start making a staticky noise on one side, and eventually, that side completely quits functioning. The problem with just hearing music on one side is that it leaves you with a terrible, unbalanced sensation. 

Here are five ways to avoid experiencing that unbearable pain.

Tip #1: Maintain your cable.

A. Don’t just dump your cords in the trash.

I know it’s tempting to stuff wires into your pockets in a hurry, but please don’t. It’s not suitable for the cables.

Cable kinks and breaks may be caused by squishing your wires together. A cable’s outside state is no guarantee of its inside condition, even if it seems in perfect shape.

B. Do not attempt to disconnect the cable by pulling on it.

When you’re in a hurry to get home from work, you may be tempted to rip your earbuds for android phone out of the jack. Even if you’re so exhausted that the only thing on your mind is collapsing on the couch at home, remember to unplug, not yank. We don’t want your cable connection to be severed, so please refrain from pulling on it.

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C. Cable storage is important.

A proper method and scenario are required. Find the ideal cable storage solution, and then coil the cables using the over-under method.

Tip #2: Avoid dampness.

Working out causes sweat, which might damage your earbuds. And the reason for it is the presence of water.

There are several sources of moisture, including:

Workout sweat

The surrounding air’s relative humidity

After a shower (indoors or out, if you forget an umbrella), you may find water dripping into your ears.

Tip #3: Maintain cleanliness

Even though your earbuds for android phone are sweatproof, you should still pay attention to keeping them clean; poor hygiene may shorten the life of your headphones as well as your own.

Both our ears’ internal environment and the external environment in which we utilize our headphones might contaminate the sound.

A. Earwax Formation

Blocking the treble and distorting the stereo picture, earwax is also unattractive. Earwax may cause early failure of headphones if left on the driver unit for too long, so be sure to remove it regularly. Earphone cleaning equipment is readily available and inexpensive online. If things become grimy, you may clean the earbud cases by soaking them in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Use a cotton bud to thoroughly clean every nook and corner, removing every last bit of dirt, dust, and debris.

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B. Don’t lend your headphones to anybody.

Earphone sharing is a major breach of hygiene norms, a practise that is common among us.

To begin, not all of our pals may be the greatest at taking care of our earbuds when we share them since they aren’t the owners.

Second, people’s ears are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and when these microorganisms spread, they might cause illness to others. Hygiene accounts for a significant portion of one’s health (as the old adage goes).

C. Compressed air is useful.

Additionally, a compressed gas duster may be used to remove dust from the earphone jack, taking your earphone hygiene system to the next level. Your earphone jack’s contact point will be shielded, extending its useful life.

Tip No. 4: Keep the volume down.

Activate the volume reduction switch

You should lower the volume. More so before you put in your headphones for the first time. If you must crank it up, at least do it gradually; the suddenness of really high sounds might harm your internal speakers.

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B. Say no to the booming bass.

You should also consider the health of your headphones before listening to the popular boomy bass. Earphone speakers aren’t built to handle the volume of low-frequency sound produced by a strong bass boost; thus, you may find that your headphones break over time.

High-quality audio equipment that can handle the low-end rumble you want without sacrificing detail or soundstage size. However, remember to be kind to yourself and keep the volume down. It helps keep your eardrums healthy and your headphones are working for longer.

Tip #5: Invest in high-quality headphones.

The short lifespan of your headphones might be at least partially attributable to the fact that they were never designed to last very long.

Without a doubt, the long view trumps the short one.

Invest in high-quality headphones for your ears. It’s an investment. Thus price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. There are no worries about them breaking down any time soon because of the robust connections, upgraded wiring, and guarantee. And the audio quality will revolutionise the way you experience the world. This rule of thumb applies to any kind of audio equipment, so don’t be hesitant to spend more money upfront for better sound and durability.