Every day, moving through any settlement, we are surrounded by building facades, where windows occupy the largest part. Windows, doors and facades made of metal profile and aluminum have proven their reliability in operation and the ability to adapt to the needs of consumers. Vinyl windows have long ceased to be a luxury item. Before placing an order for PVC windows, probably every future owner wondered how long such windows last? As a rule, buyers are interested in the actual service life of plastic windows in addition to the warranty period. 

Speaking about the service life, two aspects can be distinguished — functional and aesthetic. Functionality is related to whether the window copes with the main duties — it opens and closes easily, the sash is hermetically pressed to the frame. As for aesthetics, it is a design function. The profile is the main element of any window. The quality and durability of the vinyl windows structure depends on it. Profiles should be environmentally safe and durable, and maintain aesthetics – not turn yellow and not peel off over time. 

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Most windows replacement companies provide a warranty period of one to five years, during which the customer is ready to repair the damage specified in the warranty service. According to the technical documentation, the minimum service life is twenty years, separately including seals and gaskets, the service life of which is about ten years. However, it is worth distinguishing between the warranty period and the actual service life, which can significantly increase with proper care and careful treatment.

What Is Included In The Windows Replacement?

Despite the large number of positive characteristics, plastic windows still have their vulnerabilities, but knowing them, a conscious user will be able to extend the service life of the windows. The quality of windows replacement depends on:

  • Double-glazed unit is a rather fragile element, the use of protective films will help protect the glass from mechanical impact;
  • Sealant — sealing rubber that ensures tightness between the frame and the glass. It is negatively affected by frequent changes in weather conditions, as well as moisture. The plus is that the rubber is easily changed, you don’t need to buy a new window structure.
  • Quality hardware should contain a thick protective layer against corrosion processes, which will prevent its premature destruction. A conscious consumer periodically checks and maintains the hardware, it needs to be regularly lubricated and traces of contamination removed.
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Often, to increase the functional term, windows replacement companies offer to install additional structural elements — a microlith, a false opening blocker, a limiter or a rotation lock. All these details are useful, each of them reduces the risk of hardware failure. The quality of the lamination depends on how long the laminated structure will retain its attractive appearance. The use of high-quality and reliable film and adherence to lamination technologies ensures the durability of the decorative coating, which will not peel off over time.

An equally important factor affecting the service life of plastic windows is the professional installation of the window structure, only in this case it will last a long time and will perform its functions during all this time.

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