While relatively young, Nomos is a Glashütte-based brand that has established a reputation for producing watches that are consistent with the tradition of German watchmaking and the qualities it is known for: high-quality standards, functionality, accuracy, and precision. 

In its three decades of history, the brand has released a multitude of designs under several collections. This guarantees that it has everything you’re looking for in a watch from manual-winding to automatic versions in various size, color, and strap options. However, arguably the most interesting thing about Nomos is that its watches are reasonably priced, but not at the expense of quality and style. From the Nomos Club to the Orion, you can get an entry-level watch for as low as $1,200. 

3 Factors That Make Nomos A Great Entry-Level Watch 

We get it. Serious watch collectors often go after a particular brand or watch, and the history and complex mechanics that goes with it. But, this undertaking can easily cost you at least five figures, particularly when you’re purchasing from the likes of Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet—the so-called Horological Holy Trinity; the three pillars of traditional Swiss watchmaking. 

For practical consumers, purchasing an entry-level watch makes much more sense than venturing into the higher-end of luxury. Having this in mind, it has been at the core strategy of Nomos to create the most desirable entry-level pieces that target consumers early in their watch-collecting journey—students and young professionals included. This is particularly true with its Nomos Club Campus which offers a range of mechanical watches designed for people who are taking their first steps in their academic or professional careers. 

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• Integrating Glashütte Watchmaking Heritage with Modern Innovation 

Because it’s relatively a newcomer compared to its neighbors in Glashütte, Nomos is not burdened by history—a feat that has given them more elbow room to be creative in terms of function and form. They have also grown alongside a generation of millennials, which also allowed them to create watches that appeal to the younger market and stay relevant in a fast-paced world. 

• Made in Glashütte

To be considered a Glashütte watch, at least 50% of the value of its calibre must be generated in the watchmaking town. Nomos goes far beyond that requirement by making up to 95% of its movements in-house. For a relatively young brand, this is quite a remarkable feat. Add that to its success of creating a patented escapement, called the Swing System, which allowed it to secure the title of being an independent maker of movements. 

• In-House Manufacturing 

Manufacturing its movements in-house has not only allowed the brand to stay ahead of its competitors, but to charge as little as possible for their watches as well. Nomos draws inspiration from the Deutsche Werkbund design school which advocates the concept of high-quality products for a lower cost. It does so by avoiding what they see as unnecessary fluff that their Swiss counterparts deem important. 

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All these factors have enabled Nomos to deliver handcrafted watches that are powered by an in-house calibre movement and guaranteed to offer lasting value for several years. With all these said, just which Nomos watches are the most affordable? Here, we list some of the many. 

4 Affordable Nomos Watches You Should Get Today 

Club Campus 

Search on the Internet and you’ll find that many lists of the most affordable watches start with a Nomos Club Campus watch—and for good reasons. Introduced in 2017, the Club Campus is created with the younger collectors in mind. It has an impressive range of affordable but high-quality mechanical watches, each reflecting the brand’s elegant taste in design. Some of the models worth checking out include the following: 

Club Campus Neomatik 39 Midnight Blue Automatic Blue Dial Ref. 767 

Contemporary and functional, this model features a striking blue dial contrasted with luminous rose gold-tone hands. It is presented in a 39.5mm stainless steel case and a fabric bracelet. Inside is the DUW 3001 automatic movement with an impressive 43 hours of power reserve and 200m water resistance.

Club Campus Manual-Winding White Silver Dial 36.0mm Ref. 709 

A manual-winding watch allows direct interaction with the wearer, creating a routine where you’ll have to regularly wound the innerspring to keep the watch moving. This is the very experience this particular Club Campus model offers. It combines functionality with aesthetics with its white silver-plated dial, 36mm stainless steel case, and gray calfskin leather straps. It has a sapphire crystal case back that provides a view of the inner workings of its Alpha manual movement. 


Nomos Orion watches follow the “less is more” concept with their clean dials and classic leather bracelets. The brand trimmed down this line to keep only the essentials, resulting in a range of watches that look more refined, restrained, and elegant. 

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Orion 38 White Silver-Plated Dial 38mm Ref. 384 

This Orion watch looks classic through and through with its white silver-plated dial, blued steel hands, and 38mm stainless steel case. It features a manual-winding movement with 43 hours of power reserve and 30m of water resistance, and is presented in a black leather strap. 

Orion 1989 Manual-Winding Grey Dial 32.8mm Ref. 326 

With its modest 32.8mm case, this model is designed for women. It sports an elegant black dial with a matching black finish and contrasted with yellow gold-tone stick-style hands. It is encased in stainless steel and a transparent case back that displays the alpha manual movement within. It packs a power reserve of 43 hours and 30m of water resistance. 

In addition to the Club and Orion collections, other watch lines from Nomos that are worth checking out include the Tangomat, Tangente, and Metro, to name a few. They offer equally beautiful watches with impressive features but at the fraction of the price of the most recognized Swiss watch brands today. 


At first glance, Nomos watches don’t appear to be anything but watches stripped of anything grand. But, take a closer look and they will reveal a classic and understated brilliance—just enough to show character and style. This artful balance explains why Nomos, despite being new in the competition, has amassed a loyal following in a short span of time. 

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