Every organization needs well-skilled project managers to handle their projects and tasks. Employers look for the right skill set in candidates to hire for their firms. Global efforts require a project leader who is sensitive to the values of other cultures, technologically savvy, and possesses leadership skills with excellent negotiation skills. Project leaders need to understand the cultural bases of their team members, the areas of intersection with other cultures represented on the team, and the areas in which values are widely divergent. 

The easiest way to learn project management is to enrol in an online course by selecting the best business school in India. They provide a comprehensive curriculum, world-class facility and dedicated career assistance. Most colleges in India comprise placement cells that help candidates secure a job immediately after completing their course. 

In today’s competitive world, holding a PMP Certification helps personal, intellectual, and professional evolution. Project management certification online prepares individuals to stay up to date and enhance their project management skills. It also allows employees to remain a vital resource for their company and cater to their demands efficiently. Growth in career, skills enhancement, marketability expansion and better earnings are key benefits of undertaking project management courses online.

What is Project Management?

The emergence of new markets presents enormous opportunities for global expansion. For any organization involved in international business, managing the mechanics of immigration procedures is essential if foreign nationals legally enter the country and stay in any capacity. This requires hiring project managers to be able to deal with several challenges that are posed to the business. 

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Project management certification acts as an unbiased endorsement of project manager’s skills and professional experience at the global level. Its benefits include increased credibility, salary hike and a high market value. Global technology firms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook prefer candidates holding a PMP certification. One of the advantages of project management courses is that they are not restricted to any specific industry. Once the course is undertaken, it increases the chances of getting a dream job. A project management professional has that added advantage of managing people and working in a team. It also enables project managers to handle multiple projects with expertise as different projects require targeted approaches, technology, and skills. It is a great way to get an added advantage over other professionals working in the corporate world.

Key Skills to be Project Manager

Key SkillExplanation
Cultural SensitivityThey are crucial to become a good Project Manager. There needs to be an understanding of the large and small issues that could offend individuals on the team with different backgrounds.
Listening Listening Skills are also fundamental. If the project managers listen, they have the advantage; if they speak, others have it. Two types of listening are affecting international projects. Reflective listening is the simple act of rephrasing or even parroting what one’s counterpart has said. Active listening involves a more proactive approach to assuring the speaker and the listener that one has not only heard what has been said but also wants to know more about a subject that is not invasive. This is especially valuable in global interactions.
NegotiationThe need for Negotiation Skills is no surprise in the global context. Project management is ultimately expectation management. Negotiation ultimately involves the art of stepping into the shoes of another, understanding the what’s-in-it-for-me factor of the other side, and then making decisions based on that alternate perspective.
Relationship ManagementThese include maintaining a working relationship with all the stakeholders.

Some of the other skills relevant to handle complex projects include:

  • Understand the Project Life Cycle and the language of project management and budgeting
  • Define the scope of a project and effectively manage changes in scope
  • Efficient usage of tools such as Microsoft Excel, Word etc.
  • Creating timelines of tasks efficiently 
  • Establish and track schedules
  • Form, lead and serve on effective communication project teams
  • Develop accurate, comprehensive budgets
  • Negotiate and manage contracts
  • Evaluate and achieve project success
  • Apply techniques and tools to a communication project simulation
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So if you wish to become a project manager, up-level your skills and enrol for online courses. Let us explore the process in the next segment. 

Project Management Certificate

To become a project manager, you require a bachelor’s degree in business administration or commerce. Also, some jobs require holding a masters’ degree as well. However, no matter which stream you belong to, holding a project management degree is an added advantage for anyone working in the corporate world or wanting to start his own business. 

Through these online courses, one delves deeper into some of the global challenges in managing various projects. Those include using lessons learned, knowledge and acceptance of differences, hire locally, cultural awareness, attitude adjustment, communication protocol, standardization, insurance, training, partnerships/joint ventures, cash fund, cultural exchange, over communicate, selective skills, advanced technology, situational awareness, translators/interpreters, shared communication responsibility, “set the stage” and don’t make assumptions. 

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The curriculum is designed in a way that is a mix of both theory and hands-on experience. The duration of the foundational course is about six weeks covering a total of about 18 projects. The topics include Examination of Project Life Cycle and the Organisation – Operations Management, Portfolio Management, Role of Project Manager, Organisational Structure and Enterprise Environmental Factors. Adapting to Project Management Processes – Key Stakeholders, Process Groups, Knowledge Areas and Organisational influences on Project Management. Implementing Project Integration Management – Role of Project Team and Sponsor, Project Selection Methods and Core Processes of the Project Management Knowledge Area. Essentials of Management Certifications add value to project managers CV’s and increase their marketability. 

Current Scenario in India

The role of a project manager has risen to become one of the most sought-after professions, with sectors professionalizing and increasingly hiring qualified professionals for various roles. 

With emerging tech companies and educational institutions in India, project management is already booming. This has increased project management job openings. Such opportunities are not just in the private sector but the government as well, with most organizations making digital transitions.

As per LinkedIn data, there has been a recovery from 10 per cent in April to 35 per cent in May 2021. This was a result of local curfews being uplifted and economic activities resuming partially. Industries that witnessed growth include hardware and networking, healthcare, manufacturing, corporate services and finance. The demand for project managers also increased. 


The Project Manager skills and knowledge required to handle multinational projects are unique. A great deal of cultural sensitivity, flexibility in approach, strong project management knowledge, and making no fatal assumptions is crucial for maintaining the critical success factors for global projects. 

Big companies prefer candidates that possess project management skills and can successfully undergo on-the-job training. Therefore, it is evident that management training can act as a stepping stone and take you to greater heights in your career.