One of the most exciting parts about being an Apple computer owner is that you get to access a variety of top-tier Mac apps. No matter what you require, a Mac app is available to cater to your needs. Irrespective of whether you use your Mac for personal or professional work, you have probably thought about how you can maximize your productivity. There are many ways in which you can become more productive. However, if you want a more objective solution, the best way is to equip your Apple computer with productivity apps specifically designed to help you utilize your time smartly.

Best Productivity Apps


Todoist is the perfect app for anyone who wants to become productive and get more work done every day. You can use it to take notes and organize tasks so that you can remain on top of every one of your personal and professional projects. Most of its top features are free for all, including numerous browser extensions, interactive boards, and task creations. If you want more features such as backups and reminders, you can opt for the paid version. The free version gets the job done perfectly well as it helps you stay extremely organized. 

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Whether you are a student or a working professional, taking notes is something you need to do frequently, if not regularly. Bear is a unique note-taking application designed to ensure that Mac can conveniently jot down notes even on the go. Using the app, one can create task lists, set up reminders, and outline concepts and ideas for future reference. In addition, there are various customizations available, so you can choose the one which looks best with your notes. Bear’s core version is free-to-use, but you will need to opt for an annual subscription if you want additional features. 


If you wish to have an engaging experience with drag and drop, Dropzone is the perfect productivity app for your Mac. It brings to its users a wide range of daily-use productivity shortcuts. All you need to do is set up all your frequently used tasks in Dropzone’s interface and simply drag-and-drop files into the newly set-up icons to execute them. The app gives you a much-needed break from your Mac’s Launchpad and Dock. Dropzone’s seamless integration with the notification center makes it hard for you to miss any notification. You can hide your files for later use, customize the app’s grid, and even create your actions using custom code. 

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Grammarly needs no introduction because it is one of the most used apps around the globe. A spelling or grammatical mistake can prove to be very costly for you, especially for your credibility at your workplace. Therefore, having Grammarly on your Mac is a must. The mac-integrated writing assistant closely examines every word, phrase, and sentence that you write and provides you with live corrections so that you can rectify them before they get solidified. The company aims to make its users better writers, as per reports by TechCrunch. Even though there is a free version available, it is recommended that you opt for the premium plan since it has better features. 


Alfred is a one-stop solution for Macs if you wish to save time. The app is designed to preserve your precious time by providing you with shortcuts and customized actions. You can use Alfred in a variety of ways. For instance, you can use the app’s clipboard memory to avoid repeatedly copying and pasting the same material. You can also set up customized workflows to manage your repetitive tasks. The app, however, is a paid one. Therefore, you will need to choose a specific plan depending on what features you want to use. 

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Given the current remote work culture that is being followed around the globe, you probably deal with many PDF files every day. PDFpen is a powerful tool that lets you mark up a PDF in any way you want. It is a dedicated application that lets you work exceptionally well with PDF documents. You can use PDFpen in almost any conceivable manner to work smartly and save time. It has all the tools you need to work around a PDF, including an editing bar, sidebar, and MRC compression customization. Similar to Alfred, PDFpen is a paid application. 

All of the productivity apps mentioned above should help you be more productive daily. However, these are not the only tools you need to find success. In addition to this, you should also work towards improving your focus and outlook. With the right tools and laser-like focus & dedication, you can become a better version of yourself and be productive every day.