Immediadent History

For any kind of dental emergency be whatever it is which is related to teeth, the best option one should go for is immediate. It provides the best and the instant services which are of great help and people can easily go with this as they don’t have to worry for any kind of dental problem emerging up. The best thing about them is that they are open every day, from a certain point of time. This helps the people in a way that be it any day of the week, they do not have to wait for the opening of the clinic the next day, as it is open on all days. It is also been seen that many clinics are being facilitated with Immediadent, therefore by giving one’s location, one can easily find that where are the nearest clinics located near his/her home, which is great.

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Immediadent Corporate Founder

Founder: N/A

Immediadent Corporate Official Address

Address: 8906 Rockville Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46234

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