If you start from the very beginning and analyze the situation “bit by bit”, then the user interface of any program is the most important component of the whole overall design. When a client is dissatisfied with a “floating” site or web applications, with the fact that programs do not open on a smartphone or are distorted when opened, it means that the front-end developer did not take care in advance about optimization, compression, and the introduction of the necessary tools for the software to work correctly. It is very difficult to find a decent front-end developer, and keeping it on a permanent basis is another challenge. There is a firm, which is always ready to help, namely front end development company, which will take responsibility for the development of a new software product or for correcting an existing one, if necessary.

Who is a front-end developer and how to choose the best specialist?

Finding a programmer for front-end development is difficult, at least for the reason that not everyone is ready to deal with interfaces, their creation and thinking. In fact, a specialist must know how to solve a number of complex problems:

  • try to realize the ideas of a web designer – turn a simple image into a functioning code;
  • ensure that all pictures are correctly displayed in browser programs used by customers plus on different types of gadgets;
  • “revitalize” the design solution, namely, make buttons clickable, links clickable, forms and menus open, sliders moving, other interface elements working, etc.;
  • take full care of organizing the preparation of information and sending them to the server or to a third-party application specifically via the API.
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From this, one can understand for sure that the front-end developer works purely on UI, UX components that are related to design and does everything so that customers can apply it safely when using the created web application.

What knowledge do the best specialists in this field have?

Looking closely at the options for common tools, you can immediately understand that it is for the front-end specialist that everything is supposedly done in short supply. Few normal platforms can be used to get a spectacular result. In addition, most digital systems are very expensive, and if you use only cheap instruments, then you most likely will not be able to achieve a balance of attractiveness and harmony. It is necessary to select something in the middle for the price, and such technologies exist. But then again, a front-end developer should at least be proficient in several programming languages. The basis is:

  1. HTML. A language well known to many IT professionals. Thanks to it, it is possible to make web pages structured and as comfortable as possible to use. HTML is made in such a way that it sends a signal to the browser being used and makes it clear what the structure of the web page is, what specific blocks it has, what type of content it contains.
  2. CSS. The language that belongs to the standard. Its structure is in the fields, like a table, and the style is the same. In fact, with the help of the platform, you can get the necessary design. For example, the system is responsible for color design, shows those font sizes and fonts that were made for web development. The platform is also responsible for positioning all embedded elements and graphical effects as they should be.
  3. Java script. The most famous language for programmers. It is with it that beginners begin and study that. The system is still being updated, which has a positive effect on the web products created on its basis. Thanks to the platform, the software is “alive” and becomes more interactive. Moreover, it allows you to process user actions, for example, making a click, implementing other scenarios. In a word, the platform helps with the interaction of components in the created software.
  4. Typescript. This tool adds as a basis. The developers consider it absolutely not superfluous, and rightly so. It helps to type and compile, makes it easier to work with tests, finds errors if there are any in the written code. Moreover, the technology interacts with JavaScript and works as an extension.
  5. Node.js This technology can also be added as an additional environment. When the front-end developer is well versed in this digital software, then the created web application has the potential to take part in the creation of the backend, gaming and other software.
  6. React. This browser-based tool is considered a lifesaver when it comes to taking care of component reuse, virtual document object model, downstream data flow, help from a large community, and implementation of forward-thinking tools to run a developed website or application. Namely reactjs development company can take care of injecting the framework into your project.
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An experienced Front-end developer, in a word, not only has knowledge of all the tools, but can also use them in practice without problems and difficulties.