Hallmark Corporate History

Hallmark was founded in the year 1910. The company has been operational for 109 years now. The founder of the company was Joyce Hall. The company has its origins during the year 1903 when there was the postcard craze in the USA. After seeing one postcard, the founder of the company decided to make their own postcards and then start their own store, in the year of the company’s founding. The founder of the company was then convinced that greeting cards would be more popular than postcards, and then also started adding greeting cards as well to the company’s store portfolio, when he moved the store from Nebraska to Kansas City, Missouri, USA. By the year 1912, the postcards craze faded away, and the company started selling greeting cards.

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Hallmark Corporate Founder

Founder: Joyce Hall

Hallmark Corporate Official Address

Address: 2501 McGee St
Kansas City
MO 64108

Hallmark Corporate Contact Details

  • Phone Number: +1 800-425-5627
  • Fax Number: (469) 298-5750