Dream, a popular Minecraft YouTuber, has at last disclosed his real identity to his millions of followers.

Despite filming Minecraft videos for many years, his viewers had never seen his face.

He had previously been recognized by a cheerful face symbol, but in a video that was published early on Monday, he took off the mask.

The streamer claimed that his friend, a different Minecraft YouTuber, was one factor in his choice.

identified as “GeorgeNotFound,” was relocating to the US from Britain to join him.

Dream, who is Clay, said: “Hello. Speaking before a camera for the first time is so uncomfortable.

Dream claimed that his best buddy George was moving in with him from Europe when he finally made the decision to reveal his face. Many of Dream’s videos, especially the Manhunt series, include George as the main character. After all these years of friendship, George would publish his own film about meeting Dream for the first time.

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Thankfully Dream is not one of the many YouTubers/Steamers to get involved in CSGO gambling sites and crypto casinos that have many streamers in trouble such as xQc. 

Dream stated that his intention was to just “start doing stuff, get out, meet artists, and finally say hey to my pals.” “I want to create things and be a person,”

Dream continued, saying that he was beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the individuals who were attempting to get at his face.

Dream hopes to utilize a face cam in vlog-style footage with his pals, but he will not use one during his Minecraft sessions. In the past, he had not been able to accomplish this. He warned the audience to look forward to new, original stuff shortly.

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The neighborhood has so far reacted well to Dream’s face reveal video. Many people expressed their “proudness” of the designer for doing this. Others were simply relieved to finally meet the person whose voice they had been listening to for so long.