People who are into an active lifestyle, probably interested in buying a bike, but not everyone has enough information on how to choose the right option. The variety of manufacturers, types, and degrees of equipment models is very wide. Before you buy two-wheeled transport it is recommended to decide on the requirements that will be applied to it, in particular, and then where it will be used (trails, highways, mountains, and so on). This article will talk about the main types of bicycles, characteristics and other details that will help you in making a decision. Taken from my pinterest account Yurovskiy

Which bicycle is right for you?

To decide which bicycle is best for you, it is advisable to decide what you need it for: walking, traveling, conquering mountainous terrain, etc. After that, you can move on to more detailed and detailed characteristics (tire size, suspension stiffness, type of frame, etc.).

There are a number of differences between types, classes, models, so there can not be a single answer, how to choose the right bike. For different groups of users there are their own options.

Types of bicycles and their purpose can be as follows:

  • mass-produced models (conventional);
  • highway;
  • for the practice of trial;
  • track;
  • cross;
  • mountain;
  • touring (for travel);
  • BMX (Bicycle Moto X Tream), etc.

Having chosen the appropriate direction, you can get acquainted with the offer of various manufacturers of this line of bicycles.

A bicycle for travel

So you’re going on your first bike trip. What kind of bike should you choose?

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If you prefer to ride your bike for days on end, it is important to choose an option that meets such requirements as safety, reliability and comfort.

Experts recommend opting for mountain models or touring models. Representatives of both types are reliable, but belong to different price categories. Mountain bikes are a bit cheaper and their range is much wider, touring more expensive and represented in single copies or delivered to order.

A quality bicycle for travel should be:

  • lightweight (frame made of aluminum);
  • with a reliable braking system;
  • with a spring-loaded fork;
  • preferably with a double rim;
  • with additional attachments.

What bike to choose depends on your budget, there are models in the medium price range, and there is a premium class.

Choosing a Mountain Bike

If you choose a model for extreme downhill or cross-country riding, then you need to pay attention to such a class of bicycles as mountain bikes. They are adapted for conquering slopes and confident high-speed rides off-road.

This type is characterized by the following features:

  • sturdy wheels (usually 26 inches, with a sure traction tread);
  • reliable brakes;
  • rims made of aluminum alloys;
  • the frame is made of aluminum, steel, titanium or carbon fiber;
  • availability of shock-absorbing suspension. A distinction is made between 3 types:
  • rigids (for easy handling, suitable for dirt and trial);
  • two-pods (for optimal traction, suitable for downhill and freeride);
  • hardtails (for high-speed riding, suitable for cross country).

Since steel is heavier than aluminum and subject to corrosion, the second option is preferable, but the stiffness and the presence of vibration will be a disadvantage of such a frame. Titanium and carbon is a good material for the construction, but the price of such models is several times more expensive.

Professionals advise to take instances with adjustable forks, since different sports require different working strokes.

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It is also worth to decide on the switch of speeds, their configuration and location (not recommended to choose models with a rotating handle on the handlebar, because of the likelihood of slipping and spontaneous switching to strong strokes).

Do not forget about such an important detail as the pedals, they should be of high quality, preferably in the form of a platform with spikes / hooks.

We have listed the key points that should be taken into account when selecting a mountain bike model.

Characteristics you should pay attention to first of all

A wide range and variety of types of bicycles makes you seriously think about how to choose the right “steel horse” on the characteristics. Depending on operating conditions, riding habits, size, material and many other classifiers it is possible to find “the one”, “exactly your” instance.

In order to get closer to your dreams, it is worth choosing a bike according to parameters.

Choosing a bicycle with height

The main indicator that should be considered is the height, its value corresponds to the size of the frame.

130-145 cm corresponds to the size XS 13-14 inches or 33-35,6 cm;

145-165 cm (S, 15-16 inches/38.1-40.6 cm);

165-178 cm (M, 17-18/43.2-45.7);

172-185 cm (L, 19-20/48.3-50.8);

180-195 cm (XL, 21-22/53.3-55.9);

190-210 cm (XXL, 23-24/58.4-61).

The height makes it easy to decide which bicycle is right for you. This correspondence simplifies the procedure. If previously only professionals or consultants could recommend a particular model, now you can do everything yourself, thanks to the publicly available tables. Now as a beginner and experienced cyclist it will not be difficult to choose the size of the frame of the bicycle.

However, there are nuances. Each manufacturer has its own size grid. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is worth carefully reviewing the information of the firm-manufacturer.

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There is another option for calculating the size of the frame on the growth, as indirect, used in remote selection of a bicycle (in the online store). To do this you need to measure the length from groin to floor and multiply by the coefficient (for road 0.66 and 0.57 for mountain). Thus you can get growth in centimeters to know how much it is in inches, you should divide the resulting value by 2.54.

A test ride will help you find your bike according to both your height and the actual feel of the bike. Try to “try on” the bike if possible. The recommended height between your groin and the frame should be at least 10 cm.

Choosing a bike by weight

People whose weight exceeds 90 kg will not suit a normal bicycle. It is necessary to choose a model with reinforced elements (front shock absorbers, cassette hub, double rim and a strong steel or aluminum frame).

Matching your bike to the gender

Today you can find many bike options designed specifically for women.  They will not necessarily stand out with tuning, color scheme, and the main difference will be the consideration of the peculiarities of the body structure. In women’s bicycles, the frame is usually lowered.

What equipment you need for biking

Now you have the information on how to choose the right bike. However, in order to be fully prepared for long rides, extreme races, it is worth buying special equipment and accessories.

Equipment for biking consists of:

  • a case for the bicycle;
  • trunk;
  • backpack;
  • handlebar bag;
  • lock;
  • bell;
  • headlights.

Professional athletes install a bicycle computer and other modern gadgets.

Knowing how to choose the right bike, you can safely go shopping, having a complete picture of the models, types and equipment.