Chico’s History

Chico’s was founded in the year 1983. The company has been operational for 36 years now. The founders of the company were Marvin Gralnick and Helene Gralnick. The company started as a boutique selling cotton sweaters and Mexican fold art sweaters, in the state of Florida, USA. In the year 1987, the company had opened its first franchise store. From the 1990s to the year 2001, the company expanded significantly, and about 300 more Chico’s stores were opened, in about 40 different states in the USA.

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Chico’s Corporate Founder

Founder: Helene Gralnick, Marvin J. Gralnick

Chico’s Corporate Official Address

Address: 11215 Metro Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33966, USA

Chico’s Corporate Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 239-277-6200
  • Fax Number: 239 277-5237
  • Email: N/A