Chicago Police History

Chicago Police were founded in the year 1835. The organization has been operational for almost 183 years now. In the year 1825, before Cook County was created, Archibald Clybourn was mainly appointed as the constable of the place – between Lake Michigan and the DuPage River. After the town of Chicago was incorporated in the year 1837, a High Constable was elected. Then in the year 1855, the elected city council had passed its orders to create the Chicago Police Department. During that time, Chicago was divided into three police precincts, and the central station house served each part. Before the year 1855, only political connections were used to get recruited to the police department, which was changed from the year 1856.

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Chicago Police Corporate Founder

Founder: Orsemus Morrison

Chicago Police Corporate Official Address

Address: 3510 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60653, USA

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