Capital Lumber History

Capital Lumber Company, Inc. was incorporated by George Gaskin in 1974. In 1949, they put up their first location at 35th Avenue and Buckeye and after few years they had a workforce of only 6 people. By 1976, this company started experiencing growth and expanded into other states with new locations in Albuquerque, NM, and Orange, CA. By 1980, they constructed a new distribution center. In 2001, they widened their focus and included a reload facility in Waco in order to improve customer service in central Texas.

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Capital Lumber Corporate Founder

Founder: George Gaskin

Capital Lumber Corporate Official Address

Address: ​5110 North 40th Street, Suite 242
Phoenix, AZ 85018
United States

Capital Lumber Corporate Contact Details

  • Phone Number: (602) 381-0709
  • Fax Number: 602-955-6191