As most seasoned online slots gamblers can probably vouch for these days, there are quite a lot of terms and conditions that are essential to understand in the modern online casino world. Seriously, it’s not just online casino welcome offers that are full of them… 

One particularly important example to make sure you are aware of is in regard to the winning cap that can be attached to slot bonuses. Trust us, you don’t want to be hit with one of these without expecting it. 

What is a winning cap? 

Right, so what is a winning cap? Unfortunately it isn’t a hat that you can wear to make you win all the time at slots, no matter how much we all probably wish that it was. Oh no, a winning cap on slots is basically a cap on how much money you can win through something like a free spins bonus round. It is important to remember, however, that the winning cap would only cap huge wins that have been made through consecutive free spins rounds. 

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And there isn’t a winning cap on all games either. In general the rule of thumb is that online slots with bonus rounds that can be re-triggered over and over again may have a winning cap, simply because due to the slot’s mechanics there is a tiny chance that the bonus round will keep going on and on and on and on until the gambler in question has acquired millions of pounds in winnings. 

A few reasons why winning caps are being introduced 

At first glance slot gamblers might be a little annoyed about the concept of winning caps, however in actuality there are a few very good reasons for their existence. And these aren’t even about putting more money in the casinos pocket, in fact in many cases winning caps are good for us gamblers too. 

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Here are some reasons why winning caps are being introduced: 

  • Safeguard online casinos: The main reason behind the introduction of winning caps is to ensure that online casinos don’t go out of business. Without a winning cap on some slots there is always the very small chance that a gambler is going to win several million pounds, and for some online casino sites having to pay this would immediately put them out of business.
  • Keep slots exciting: One reason why us slot gamblers shouldn’t slate pay caps is that they can are often there to keep slots more exciting. You see, slots with pay caps can have things like recurring and re-triggerable bonus features, whereas slots without pay caps often have predetermined bonus rounds that are a lot less fun. 
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I won a massive jackpot but my winnings have been capped: What do I do? 

Unfortunately it is down to gamblers to check what the winning cap is on slot bonuses before they play, otherwise they could have a nasty surprise. There isn’t really anything you can do if you win a massive jackpot but find your winnings have been capped, and anyway, you’ll still have a large amount of money!