Union Pacific History

Union Pacific was founded in the year 1862. The organisation has been active for almost 157 years now. The organisation was established under the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862. The act was approved by the president of the USA, known as Abraham Lincoln. The line of the railroads was constructed by the Irish labours, who had learned their craft during the Civil War. During that time, Dr Thomas Clark Durant was the dominant stockholder. Union Pacific was also the centre of the Crédit Mobilier scandal, which had happened in the year 1872. Union Pacific continued to expand, and the company was purchased by a dominant stockholder, named Jay Gould, in the year 1880. During the panic of the year 1893, the organisation had declared bankruptcy. Therefore, a new Union Pacific Railroad was established, and the old Union Pacific Railway was absorbed into that organisation.

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Union Pacific Corporate Founder

Founder: ​Abraham Lincoln

Union Pacific Corporate Official Address

Address: ​1400 Douglas St, Omaha, NE 68179, USA

Union Pacific Corporate Contact Details

  • Phone Number: ​402-544-5000
  • Fax Number: ​N/A
  • Email: ​N/A