Computer games are the jewel in the crown of digital entertainment. Having originated only 30 years ago, they already have an army of fans on all continents. The number of their enthusiasts counts in the hundreds of millions. With the emergence of streaming platforms on the market, it has become even easier to enjoy your favorite applications. Powerful computers with the same ease process three-dimensional MMORPG or gambling addictive slots that can be found in Two Up Casino play online. Now there’s no need to spend money on an expensive console or meticulously select a PC component. Professional engineers have done everything for you.

The development of the technology made available the introduction of fiber optic communication lines to the household level for data transmission. Now even intermediate switches installed in apartment buildings do not reduce the speed of traffic. By ordering a package from your provider with a guaranteed rate of only 20 Mbit/sec, you can enjoy your favorite games on even a modestly equipped computer.

There are already dozens of such platforms around the world. To avoid wasting your money, we recommend that you seek the services of recognized leaders. Any streaming services listed below are worthy of your attention. However, it is worth knowing the characteristics of the platform in advance to be confident in your choice.

Advantages of Streaming over Regular Computers

The first and most important advantage of streaming is its price. Gaming equipment maybe not just expensive but very expensive. This applies to almost all components of a personal computer. For a better understanding of the information, we will set out the data in the form of a clear table. As a reference we have chosen the optimal gaming system unit according to the editorial board of the reputable online publication CHIP .

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Computer componentFeatures & ModelsAverage cost
CPUIntel Core i3-12100F, AMD Ryzen 5 3600$180 
MainboardIntel H610$100 
RAMDDR4, 16 Gb$80 
Power unit800 Wt$80 
Graphic cardGeForce RTX 2060, Radeon RX 570$500
Cooling SystemArctic Liquid Freezer II 280$120 

The total price for a system unit with today’s relevant components exceeds $1,000. The pitfall in this issue is the continuous upgrading of the PC components. In just six months, the version of the assembly we have considered will downgrade and become only a basic option. Video game fans change almost every component of their PC at least once every 2 years. 

The following components are required when both using streaming and assembling a computer:

  • Full HD resolution monitor with a screen diagonal of at least 22 inches and a screen refresh rate of at least 120 Hz;
  • a gaming mouse that enables you to operate macros and quickly change the sensor sensitivity settings;
  • a mechanical keyboard with red or brown switches;
  • a fast SSD drive of at least 512GB.

The savings associated with using streaming services can be easily seen. An additional factor is the reduced power consumption, as you only need a power supply with 400 watts instead of 800 watts.

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Top Offers for Fans

Large multinational companies that make billions in the gaming industry are leaders in streaming services. They have the following advantages on their side:

  • powerful game servers;
  • an extensive network of base computers;
  • fast Internet connection with redundant communication channels;
  • huge range of games;
  • active bonus policy.

PlayStation Now lets you enjoy most of the games from a major studio even if you don’t have a game console of the latest version. You can always find something to your liking out of more than 700 products. And all games come in a package with a monthly subscription. There is also a quite low requirement for a guaranteed width of the Internet channel – only 5 Mbit/sec. The available FPS is 60 units.

GeForce NOW (GFN) is no less popular. The largest manufacturer of graphic cards in the world enables users to enjoy their power for a very modest fee of $15/month. The main advantage, compared to the option from Sony is the ability to play your own games bought on various sites. The premium subscription is more expensive but offers priority in connectivity and extended play sessions. You can play from any device.

Unlike the above two offers, PlayKey charges fees per hour for its services. You can use both personal applications, as well as many video games from the company’s repository. The strong side is the maximum video frame rate of 120 FPS. This option enables users to be fully immersed in the game world.

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Playing Beautifully and Inexpensively

Alternative offers from companies for which streaming service is the main source of income are more flexible and economical. Although there are some limitations here, these options are gaining more and more supporters in the core audience.

Vortex is actively gaining momentum by optimizing the ability to use virtual reality helmets. Unfortunately, you cannot use your own games. However, there are those that come in the package include the most popular offerings. The maximum FPS is 60 frames per second.

Of course, Microsoft could not miss one of the most promising areas in the field of video games. But for unknown reasons, it has joined this race with a delay. xCloud is focused on fans of applications that came out on the consoles of this company. The requirements for the communication channel are minimal with the same graphics display capabilities as the competitors.

The Google Stadia app from the de facto monopolist in Internet search is in a similar position. Although it is not in the top three right now, analysts predict it a great success. The enormous resources of the parent company will simply not allow this site to be in the outsiders. Players expect nice bonuses for loyalty.

Drova is a platform that stands out for its capabilities. This company is essentially an intermediary between gamers and owners of powerful personal computers. The former buys an opportunity to play remotely based on the capacity of the latter. And the company takes a modest 20% of the total fee for this. There are no monthly subscriptions and users are billed per hour of play. A good server network provides stable access.