Green Valley Grocery History

Green Valley Marketplace: Green Valley is locally owned and generated by B. Green and Company. It was owned by the family for around 100 years and they are well aware of the customer and owner relationship, they strongly believe in providing service and best price. It was Established in 1915 by Benjamin Green. The headquarters are in 1220 E Pebble Rd. Vegas, USA. it employs around 300 employees in its company. The second food depot was opened in 1996 at 2401 Belair road, this was supermarket for the new generation to shop in the urban area. It was made with more bright colors and cleaner infrastructure. Also, the seafood was now available in the new supermarket, with a fish department as well. Also, a bakery was opened in the store with a great variety of products and also cuts of meat. The store also grew with bright colors in sales and also reputation, this was the peak time for the store to enjoy the opportunities. To know more you can mail them at [email protected].

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Green Valley Grocery Corporate Founder

Founder: Benjamin Green

Green Valley Grocery Corporate Official Address

Address: 1220 E Pebble Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89123, USA

Green Valley Grocery Corporate Contact Details