Kiawah is an island outside the coast of South Carolina near Charleston with a long stretch of sandy beach, some marsh landscape, and a few local attractions. The Kiawah Island is a summer vacation hotspot with resorts and vacation homes with a thriving tourist offer outside the warm season. 

If you’re looking for beach fun, the best time to visit Kiawah is in summer, when the weather is hot, and you can swim, sunbathe and enjoy water sports. However, the island comes alive during the holiday season, and spring and fall are also famous for visitors that like the peace and serenity of the Kiawah Island pristine beaches.

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Kiawah Island resorts for families 

Kiawah Island Golf Resort is the largest resort covering most of the Island with the hotel, premium golf course, and numerous Villas. Families that seek an ocean getaway can opt for one of the hundreds of vacation homes on the Island. 

Besides Kiawah Island Golf Resort, you can find Andell Inn hotel and numerous other home rental companies like Akers Elliss, Flipky, Kiawah Island Getaways, Vacasa, etc.

Kiawah Island water park 

Although Kiawah has miles of incredible beaches, you can also find numerous pools and water parks. Most notable is the Night Heron Pool complex inside of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. There is a splash zone, slides, a heated pool for other seasons, and small pools for kids.

The same resort has another pool complex West Beach with spray fun, tube slides, and a water playground. 

Outside of the exclusive resort, you can find the Sandcastle Pool and oceanfront facility with three pools, including a shallow pool for children, a family pool, and an oceanfront pool where the water goes all the way to the beach sand.

Kiawah Island Club has the Beach Club, Marsh House, and Sports Pavilion Pool, but it’s only available to members.

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Kiawah Island wildlife 

Although Kiawah Island is a popular tourist hotspot, the Island has abundant wildlife, from marine animals to numerous diverse land animals thriving in the marshes, beaches, and other parts.

Kiawah is home to bobcats, white-tailed deer, foxes, raccoons, among land mammals. Marshes have American alligators, and another attraction is loggerhead sea turtles you can watch from far because they are heavily protected. Marine mammals include dolphins and whales, and there is a wide variety of fishes both in the ocean and in fresh water on the Island.

There are designated wildlife viewing spots, and among others, you can go to Kiawah River Bridge, Captain Sam’s Inlet, Beachfront, Marsh Island Park, and Willet Pond.

Kiawah Island sunset 

It is enough to be on the beach without a cell phone and watching the sunset to take your worries away. For those who want to unwind and enjoy the Kiawah Island sunset, here are some of the best spots.

A great choice is a private villa with marsh views. Sit on the porch and glide into the summer night with a cold drink and calm sunset views. Another excellent choice is a sunset stroll on the beach. Ryder cup Bar has a large veranda with live music is. You like sunsets with a more lively flair. Paddleboating and sea cruises are other great ways to experience sunset on Kiawah Island.

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Kiawah Island Golf

Both Kiawah and adjacent Seabrook Islands are known for excellent golf courses. The Ocean Course is among the most famous and was featured in some Hollywood movies. Other superb courses are Osprey Point Golf, Kiawah Island Turtle Point Golf Course. In addition, there are courses at The Sanctuary, Night Heron Park, and Kiawah Island Club.

Before packing your clubs for Atlantic flight, don’t forget you will need ESTA Visa if you come from one of 39 countries in the Visa Waiver Program. Residents from other countries have a much more strenuous process of acquiring visitor Visa. ESTA permit will get you two years for visiting the US, and you can stay up to three months in one visit.

Bottom line

Kiawah Island has miles of pristine sandy beaches, numerous resorts, and golf courses. Its also a place with river inlets, marshes, and diverse land and sea wildlife. Among numerous accommodations, you can opt between hotels and countless rental homes and villas. Some vacation homes are enormous, with private beach or marsh views, many amenities, and offer a true getaway to the easy-going island life.