Bristol Myers Squibb History

Bristol-Myers Squibb was incorporated by Hamilton College graduates William McLaren Bristol and John Ripley Myers in 1887. They later in 1898 bought the Clinton Pharmaceutical company of Clinton, New York and changed its name to Bristol, Myers, and Company. In 1899, Bristol renamed the company to the Bristol-Myers Corporation. They had other divisions called Clairol which managed hair colors and haircare sections and Drackett which handled household products such as Windex and Drano.

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Bristol Myers Squibb Corporate Founder

Founder: William McLaren Bristol & John Ripley Myers

Bristol Myers Squibb Corporate Official Address

Address: 345 Park Ave, New York, NY 10154, USA

Bristol Myers Squibb Corporate Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 212-546-4000
  • Fax Number: 123
  • Email: N/A