Most players, even those who play slots at just for fun, secretly dream of landing a big win. The prospect of changing your life with just one fortunate spin is one of the most appealing aspects online slot games offer.

Over the years, online slots have paid out massive amounts of money, making several millionaires. This article will look at some of the biggest wins of all time and the biggest winners of all time.

Mega Fortune – $24 Million

The biggest online slots payout was in 2013 when a 40-year-old Finnish player won the Mega Jackpot top prize of more than £17.861,800 million playing Mega Fortune.

The player only needed 25 cents to top the list of the biggest wins ever and enter the Guinness World Record. Talk about a great investment.

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Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah – $23.6M

This massive $23.6 jackpot was scooped by a player from Belgium in 2021. That was more than £19. 4 million and would have been the record but not with the exchange rate then.

There is not much detail about how much the player wagered on the spin. In any case, it’s still one of the biggest online slots wins of all time.

Mega Moolah – $19.9M

Mega Moolah is very popular for its incredible payouts. It delivered a payout of over £13.2 M on a spin back in 2015 to a British soldier named Jon Heywood.

Jon was a war veteran from Afghanistan who struggled to make ends meet after returning home. Sometimes, he would play online slot games to pass the time. On one faithful day in 2015, he won a little over £13.2M after betting with less than 50 cents per spin.

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After claiming the jackpot, Jon maintained a fairly lower profile and used some of his winnings to get his dad good medical treatment. He also upgraded from his old Fiat Punto to a much more premium car. Talk about luck.

Mega Moolah – $23.5M

After Jon won the progressive on the Mega Moolah slot, another UK-based player triggered the jackpot in 2018. The player won the €18.9 M with just 75 cents per spin. At that time, the jackpot amount equalled over $23.5M.

The most interesting part is that the jackpot win came after less than 50 spins. This was noted in the Guinness World of Records.

Mega Fortune – $13.47M

Another must-mention is a student from Norway who hit the Mega Fortune Jackpot of over €11.7 million ($13.47 million). This Norwegian student mostly visited Betsson Casino mainly for its Sportsbook. One night he couldn’t sleep and decided to try out online slots.

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He didn’t know much about online slots, so he randomly picked Mega Fortune and started to play. Spinning the reels, he hit the jackpot and won over €11.7 million. He was shocked and didn’t know what to do with the money. Betsson stepped in and offered expert tips on how he would use the money in the best way possible.

The list of the slot games above and the winners proves that winning the biggest slot jackpots is possible at online casinos. All the players mentioned are normal people who got lucky and won without using any strategies.